Goods and Resources in Victoria III

We are slowly getting into more detail about the individual mechanics of Victoria III and I am gradually starting to write down for you what I already see in the documents. This article is part of the Victoria III economic wiki I’m working on, and today I’ll introduce you to the basic resources and goods that will be available in the game.

4 types of goods

According to the current information, we know that there will be 4 big groups of goods in the game. Between these commodities, you will have to constantly look for a balance. Because if you don’t have luxury clothes, people from the rich class will be angry at you, but you will also have a problem if you don’t keep your army supplied. Let’s see them!

  • staple good << basic goods
  • industrial good << industrial things
  • luxury good << luxury to boost wealth
  • military good << for your military

While writing the article, a video was posted describing the details of the economy and in which the following image was shared where you can see an overview of the goods in the game.

I’ll provide you with an overview of more goods as we know exactly what buildings generate/consume what raw materials. Anyway, it’s already safe to say that one of your important tasks will be to keep a balance on where you are with resources.

Consumption of goods from a pops perspective

First of all, resources will be consumed to satisfy your population. Each population group will have slightly different needs, and as your empire grows and you improve you will also need to supply them with more luxurious goods.

As you meet the needs of your population, your people will become more efficient and your country will be richer overall. Your GDP graphs will grow, which is one indicator that your country is functioning properly, and you will have a more loyal population…

Screenshot of GPD development from the official video

… but it will also apply in the other direction in case you don’t satisfy your population so your population will develop less, you will be less efficient, your GPD will go down and you will create radicals who will stand against your government. You have to meet the basic standards of living.

Minimum expected standard of living

I shared an overview of the luxury level and required ingredients above. I expect that the current information will be updated – but I’ll be working on more information in the form of luxury vs raw materials in a separate article.

Cultural differences and goods

The developers have also worked out the cultural differences that will manifest in the game in the form of “obsessions” and “taboos” which is something that will ensure that every game and every culture to play will be slightly different some

Goods consumption from a building perspective

Another place where raw materials and goods find a use is in buildings and their consumption. In order to make more advanced and complex items such as tools or luxury goods, you will need to secure a basic supply of raw materials.

In case you want to build Steel Mills, you will gain +65 iron per level, but you will have to supply -30 coal and -40 iron.

So without a well-balanced raw material income, you will not only have problems with your population, but also problems keeping your industry running. An overview of how much you will need can be found in a separate article.

Limiting raw material supply in Victoria III

The developers have also thought about the fact that in the game was not an unlimited number of resources. Therefore, each “province” on the map will contain restrictions in the form of what you can mine for minerals or how many farms you can build there.

In the picture below you can see that in this province you have 116 arable land of which 8 are rye farms and 5 are livestock ranches. At the same time you will be able to build a maximum of 40 coal mines, 6 logging camps in a given province.

It follows that resources will definitely be limited and it can be expected that some countries will have shortages and you will need to trade, create new colonies or expand militarily.

Where are the raw materials already extracted/produced?

If you some raw materials will be missing and you will have to trade them with someone so you will have to find a place where the raw materials are produced. Or vice versa in the case that the raw materials will have your neighbor and you do not so you can plan war and get his deposits for your benefit. According to one of the official videos, there will be the following simple overview of the game that will show you where each raw material is mined.

Can the raw material be discovered?

Some resources such as oil or gold may not be available in your provinces from the start, but to get them you will have to try other technologies. At the moment I only know from the snippets that one of the exploitable resources will be rubber and oil. But I’ll have to fill in the details.

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