Last week before Victoria III!

25.10.2022 we will finally be able to play Victoria III. We’re going to be focusing on this game on StrateGGames because I’m incredibly excited about it. Why? Because I love the time in which the game story takes place, the technology will already be available and the world will be more similar to ours than, say, Crusader Kings III.

Can we estimate when the actual launch will be…
…I expect a time around 16:00 or 18:00 UTC.

What we’re catching for you and what you can’t miss >> that’s in our article today!

Pre-order reminder

Probably until 25.10. it is possible to buy Victoria III in pre-order.

With the publication of this article I have already bought the new Victoria III, but if you are not a big fan and just interested in the new game you can wait. The pre-order bonus is that you also get the remastered Victoria II soundtrack with it.

>> More about pre-order of Victoria III

Why do you want to play Victoria III?

Because it’s gonna be delicious. We expect it to be as complex as other grand strategy games, and that’s what makes me at least excited and tempted. Exploring new mechanics to find ways to play effectively – a blast!

Although I’ve already seen the opinion that it will be a “line up strategy game” and in a way you could say that the person is right. Indeed we will have to follow many “curves” and success will be when they all go up (GDP or loyal people), but again some curves we will want to keep down (radicals).

>> More about why Victoria III will be good

How and where can you get informations about the game today?

One place is our website and the Victoria III section to which we are gradually adding new information.

If you prefer video content, I recommend official developer streams or official video tutorials.

The Reddit community or the official Victoria III Discord can also be a good source.

I still like to read the Paradox forums about Victoria III, but I understand it’s hardcore.

Our special content for the launch of Victoria III

I’m preparing a lot of special content just for the launch of Victoria III – as I plan to be there. I plan to take a good look at the game from the beginning of what will be available, and I plan to create tutorials for both basic and advanced stuff.

All this I am currently creating from information that is gradually available, so I plan to add to this part. Our goal will be to bring you more special articles/tutorials and game information than traditional gaming media does – because StrateGGames – StrateGGames specializes in strategy games!

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