How cheat in OpenTTD?

Everyone has a question are in my favorite games cheats and how to use them? Today I will show up your cheats in OpenTTD. But before we started using cheats could damage your view of the game. Playing without cheats is better!

In OpenTTD we have eight possible ways to cheat.

Cheat screen in OpenTTD

How open cheats screen?

There are two ways to open a cheat screen and it’s different by operation system in which you play.

If you have Windows or Linux: Ctrl + Alt + C

If you have Mac: Control + Cmd (⌘) + C if don’t works Ctrl + Alt (⌥) + C

Increase money

The first option could add you 10 000 000 money per one click. You could use this endless times. This could you boost your development. I’ve used this when I don’t want to break my record and I want to make big changes on the map.

Change company

The second option is changing company this you could use when you could play as another company. You could open an account with AI and check what they are doing. For me, I don’t use this cheat in OpenTDD.

Magic bulldozer

The third is the magic bulldozer which is a very useful way in which you can delete anything in your expansion. You could destroy cities, factories as I write everything. This I use when I want to destroy something which stands in the way of creating the most efficient track possible.

Do you remember my town from growing towns? There is updated with the bulldozer

Magic bulldozer have one bad thing you need to pay money to destroy things. So as you see on screen I must boost my money to destroy my biggest city.

Tunnels cross

This feature could help you when you use tunnels and they could cross. I don’t use them because they cost much and in one tunnel at one time could be just one train. So if you build long tunnels you will slow down your trains. But in some big crossings or stations, this could be a helpful feature.

Jetplanes will not crash

This cheat you could use if you build a small airport and bought big airplanes. Because big airplanes have a bigger chance to crash if they land at a small airport. With this cheat chance to destroy will be smaller.

Enable modify production values

This could be useful if you need more production from your factory/mine/source if you check it you could add tones of production up to 2 048 per month.

Editor of production in OpenTTD

I don’t use this feature because after changes I can have good efficiency but this is an “artificial” environment and I don’t know if I’m playing well or not.

Edit maximum map height

If you need to build something in height you could set the maximum height. But this is a cheat that I don’t use and I don’t need it anytime.

Change date

If you want time travel you could witch changing the date. It will change only years so you could travel from the start or you could go back when the electric railroad come. I don’t need this cheat.

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