Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack is here!

Planet Zoo one of best strategy games when you could build your zoo have new pack with focus on conservation. And I think that this pack is nesesary for every Planet Zoo lover.

Letโ€™s start with trailer:

What is in Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack?

  • 5 news animals
  • 150 sceneries
  • and one new scenario

When we talk about 5 new animals we will get: Przewalskiโ€™s horse, amur leopard, scimitar-horned oryx, siamang, and axolotl. The sceneries are focused to sustainable future.

Price and other practical info

The final price for us is $9.99 for Planet Zoo lovers itโ€™s must have!

First of reviews at Steam are positive (31 reviews with 90%)

Where get more info about this pack?

If you want more info about this pack you could view oficial stream:

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