How declare more interests in Victoria 3?

In one of mine campaigns in Victoria 3 I’ve played in Bohemia where I must stabilize market. But what after? I’ve see that I must expand mine market to another countries. Because I need sulfur which Prussia and Austria doesn’t have. But how? I know that I must declare more interests to make deals with another countries. But how can I declare more interest as small countries?

Above you could see that I want expand but I can’t declare more interests…

Is impossible to declare more interests

first thing which influence how many interests is rank. The more rank you have the more interests you can use. There are three levels based on your power:

  • Great Power +5
  • Major Power +3
  • Minor Power +1

So the first thing what can I do is to increase prestige to get bigger rank. Now I’m Minor power so I need to be Major power. So I will focus on army and production of goods.

The second way how to increase interests is having own provinces in other strategic regions. This means that I must colonize new provinces in other regions. Or I must expand with attack to new regions. But this isn’t case when I play as Bohemia.

The third and last way how you could declare more interest is building naval bases. One base provides 0,1 interests per level. But this base interests per level could be increased if you use better production metehods. In list bellow you could see production methods…

  • +0.1 / level Naval Base with Man O’ Wars
  • +0.12 / level Naval Base with Ironclads
  • +0.15 / level Naval Base with Monitors
  • +0.17 / level Naval Base with Dreadnoughts
  • +0.2 / level Naval Base with Battleships

… so if I build 10 naval bases with Man O’ Wars then I could probably declare more interest. Bad thing is that I play as Bohemia (from screen above) so I can’t use naval bases. So in my case I must focus on prestige grow. How to improve prestige I’ve wrote in special guide about prestige.

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