Trade agreement in Victoria 3

Some country send you “Proposal for trade agreement” or you see diplomatic option “propose trade agreement” but is good to accept? Or do you need to send this agreement to other countries? Let’s take look on trade agreement and I will make this option more clear for you.

About trade agreement in Victoria 3

Trade agreement is diplomatic play in Victoria 3 which eliminates tariffs, bureaucracy and and cost of trade routes between countries. This is definition which you probably see but. Let’s take closer what trade agreement eliminates.

  • Tariffs – every trade route have impact on taxes (your revenue)
  • Bureaucracy – every trade route cost 20 bureaucracy
Trade agreement option in Victoria 3

So in generally sending/accepting trade agreement could optimize your costs of trade if your trade isn’t profitable for you. But in other way if you have a large profit just from business taxes so it should be reduced after this.

Second way if you are in shortage of bureaucracy you will get with trade agreement all back. So this is good way how you could get bureaucracy back. And if you have a lot of bureaucracy then you will get bigger “state construction efficiency” which will boost your construction.

Is good to accept trade agreement?

In one of my games where I played in Bohemia. I get propose for trade agreement from Prussia. First when you get trade agreement you must check how many trades do you have between us…

Accept this agreement or not?

… then you could open Market (F4) > Trade routes and hover on flag of country which offers you trade agreement. And see which trading routes you currently have. There I could see that I have 5 trading routes with Prussia.

Trade routes between us

After that I could hover specific product then I could see how many $ i get from this route. I could see how many bureaucracy cost to me. And that should help you make a better decision whether to accept or not. I still recommend you to look at the policy of others, i.e. how the country has it with others if you do not cause any problem. But we’ll show that another time. So far, however, I have not noticed that the trade agreement has caused any major problems.

Trade route detail

When to youse trade agreement in Victoria 3?

Best way when you could use trade agreement is when you want increase opinion with your strong market partner – because trade agreement helps in relations…

… second way is when you want optimize costs of trading or bureaucracy. Is good to use this agreement with your important partners. Because trade agreement will cost you “influence”. So in exchange of incluence you could get more bureaucracy.

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