Map tiles in Cities Skylines 2

Let’s take discussion about map tiles in Cities Skylines 2 we now know about all maps which came but what about their size, that’s why I’m here today to explain how it will be with map tiles in the new Cities Skylines 2. Let’s get right to it!

How tiles works in Cities Skylines 2?

On start of every new game you will have 9 map tiles which have together same size as starting tile in Cities: Skylines 1. For expansion you need to get expansion permits and after that you should buy any tile which you have on map.

Buying more map tiles in Cities Skylines 2

So you could build separated towns on one map which you connect with highway connection and you doesn’t need unlock whole map. This is great progression I think and for us this could bring more possibilities how to structure our words.

Comparison of maps sizes C:S 1 vs C:S 2

Before we look deeper on map tiles of Cities Skylines 2 then we must compare size of maps because that’s matter for us. Cities Skylines 2 full unlocked map will have 171 km² which is 5x larger than buildable area in Cities Skylines 1.

You may be thinking that this is not such a big shift. However, it should be added that the buildings are “slightly smaller” and proportionally the game should work much better. The great for us is that there aren’t much space around buildable area so we don’t need mods to unlock all map. Although I believe there will be a mode to open the rest 184 map tiles that will be locked in the base game.

Map limits from reddit – source

Maps could look “smaller” with this comparison but let’s look on real gameplay in which you should in-game scale of map and buildings on it. I’m a bit worried about the individual corners of the map (they don’t look like much – but I’m sure the devs will sort it out), but otherwise you can see that the map will be really huge.

Tiles UI from developer diary where user scrolled off – maps are big!

How much tiles are in Cities Skylines 2?

As I mention above there are 441 tiles which are playable in base game. Full map will have 625 tiles. But if you look to maps then you should see that a lot of “edge” tiles won’t be buildable. Biggest map Tampere now have only 66 % buildable area.

How I get more tiles in Cities Skylines 2?

For unlocking more map tiles you need reach milestones when you will get expansion permits to unlock more tiles. Every milestone will gave you more permits from 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … so when you will reach more milestones = more expansion permits.

Reaching milestones in Cities Skylines 2

How much expansion permits you have you should see on left bottom icon. So you will still know how much permits you have and you’ll have a better knowledge of how much you can expand…

Number of permits is on left bottom (129 on current image)

… if you have enough expansion permits and money then you should expand. You should easily open map in expansion UI and look on stats of every tile. This will be more clear than unlocking tiles in current Cities Skylines because there were popups on which you must click.

Buying more map tiles in Cities Skylines 2

Should I buy not connected map tiles?

Yes of course – on image bellow you should see two parts of cities which are connected with highway and that person which playing are trying to buy map tiles which aren’t connected to other tiles.

You should buy tiles without connecting all tiles

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How to get more map tiles in Cities Skylines 2?

Don’t you have enough of maps of Cities Skylines 2?

Then you should look on developer diary which shows us more details about maps in Cities Skylines 2. But all main information about tiles you read above. If something missing then you should write us on team(at)strateggames(dot)com and we will add more information for you!

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