Best maps in Cities Skylines 2 by everything

Let’s look on all maps which are available in Cities Skylines 2 and watch how they are ordered by their stats. I hope that you find there all informations about your first maps and other maps stats.

Why we make this list? We have list of all maps and this should be one of useful output for you players. I’ve personally hope that this article will save you time to choosing best map and help buying tiles so that you know the advantages of each map in particular.

Purchasing map tiles in Cities Skylines 2

Best map by buildable area

Building area is one of most important parameter which will everyone focus. Based our article about map tiles we know that maps will be huge because we will get buildable 171 km² which is 5x larger that base map in Cities: Skylines 1. So which maps in Cities Skylines 2 have most buildable area?

Name of mapBuildable areaIs premium mapTheme
Tampere66 %TRUEEuropean
Waterway Pass53 %North America
Lakeland49 %European
River Delta42 %European
San Francisco42 %TRUENorth America
Barrier Island41 %North America

Best premium maps

Some maps could be bough only with DLC / expansion / package / pre-order so this maps won’t be available if you don’t pay so let’s look on which maps we have here. I’ve ordered them by buildable area which will be probably one of main aspect why you want to buy these maps…

Name of mapBuildable areaWhich DLC you must haveTheme
Tampere66 %Pre-orderEuropean
San Francisco42 %San Francisco PackNorth America

Also they are for now copying real city locations as you should see. Tampere is in Finland and it’s home of Colossal Order and San Francisco you probably know. It will be interesting to see if they add more maps or if players will make them themselves. Maybe a New York or Barcelona could be fun for me.

Best maps by Fertile land

Fertile land will be important if your city will focus on agriculture. There will be several types of agriculture business, you will be able to “draw” your own fields and feed your citizens. There are best maps by fertile land so there you should have a good farming times on this maps:

Name of mapFertile landBuildable areaIs premium mapTheme
Tampere20.9 km²66 %TRUEEuropean
Waterway Pass15.5 km²53 %North America
River Delta13.4 km²42 %European
Barrier Island12.4 km²41 %North America
Great Highlands12.4 km²41 %European
Lakeland12.3 km²49 %European
Waterway Pass map from developer diaries

Best maps by Trees

Name of mapTreesBuildable areaIs premium mapTheme
Lakeland403000 t49 %European
River Delta370000 t42 %European
Tampere338000 t66 %TRUEEuropean
Windy Fjords334000 t21 %North America
Mountain Village263000 t21 %European
Waterway Pass236000 t53 %North America
Lakeland map from developer diaries

Best maps by Ore

Name of mapOre resourcesBuildable areaIs premium mapTheme
Twin Mountain 161100 t39 %European
Great Highlands 16100 t41 %European
Archipelago Haven 16000 t16 %European
San Francisco 15800 t42 %TRUENorth America
Lakeland 13300 t49 %European
River Delta 12900 t42 %European

Best maps by Oil

Name of mapOil resourcesBuildable areaIs premium mapTheme
Barrier Island12700 t41 %North America
Mountain Village11000 t21 %European
Sweeping Plains10900 t31 %North America
Waterway Pass10200 t53 %North America
San Francisco9783 t42 %TRUENorth America
Great Highlands8091 t41 %European

Latest update

This article was updated on 5th of September 2023 with maps which will be available in first days of Cities Skylines 2. For source we used stream from Gamescom so there could be probably small changes. If this occur then I will update article soon as possible.

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