How long is Game Dev Tycoon?

Players generally agree online that Game Dev Tycoon takes around 8 to 9 hours to play. However, did you know that you can extend or shorten the game? Let’s take a look at what options you can set, as well as what events will happen while you play the classic version for 35 years.

Basic in-game years/time settings

There are a total of three game length settings in the game:

  • 30 years (fast)
  • 35 years (recommended)
  • 42 years (long)

Setting the length is done before the start of a new game in the advanced settings, which is hidden under the cogwheel just like the pirate mode option and cannot be changed afterwards.

I don’t recommend changing it, everything will be too fast or too slow – the 35 years option is enough to enjoy the game in the format the developers intended.

Where to set the Game Dev Tycoon game length

When are the events happening?

In the more advanced stages, a game show is held every year around the 6th month. So it’s a good idea to release big games after the show where you can show them being worked on and get more hype.

In the course of time, you may get an offer for cooperation where you have to pay something with the promise that you will get something. I think that apart from office improvements everything is a scam that will not end well and there is no point in fulfilling these events any more.

From time to time you may be approached by fans who want your old engine for making fan games. Feel free to lend it to them for free. It will increase the number of fans who will then buy your games.

When are special research unlocked?

There are several special research in the game that open up as you play. Specifically, the following technologies/research that you can try over time.

Special researchYear
Target AudienceY3 M1 W1
Casual GamesY3 M11 W1
MarketingY4 M5 W2
SequelsY8 M6
Multi GenreY12 M8
Multi-PlatformY17 M2 W4

You may be wondering when other technologies are unlocked. These are unlocked based on the level of the previous technologies you have in the custom game engine which are no longer time dependent. To upgrade these technologies you have to gain better and better levels.

When do platforms unlock?

The game platforms are also unlocked during game time. The basic platform is count, which is available from start to finish. As the game progresses, other platforms arise and disappear, taking up a portion of the market and disappearing after a few years.

There are 25 other platforms available alongside the PC and G64 during the game, copying well-known developer brands, but the developers of Game Dev Tycoon ended up altering each brand slightly for rights reasons.

When each platform is unlocked (source oficial wikipedia)
Y3 M6 W4 Master V
Y4 M9 W2 Gameling
Y4 M2 W4 VenaGear
Y5 M11 W1 Vena Oasis
Y6 M10 W4Super TES
Y8 M8 W1Playsystem
Y10 M6 W2TES 64
Y11 M9 W4DreamVast
Y13 M2 W1Playsystem 2
Y13 M10 W4MBox
Y14 M11 W4Game Sphere
Y15 M10 W1GS
Y16 M6 W2PPS
Y19 M4 W1MBox 360
Y20 M1 W3Nuu
Y20 M4 W4Wuu
Y20 M10 W4Playsystem 3
Y21 M8 W2GrPhone
Y22 M9 W1GrPad
Y24 M2 W3MPad
Y26 M6 W2OYA
Y27 M6 W1MBox One
Y27 M8 W2Playsystem 4
Y32 M2 W1MBox Next
Y32 M4 W3Playsystem 5

When do the offices unlock?

Unlocking additional offices in Game Dev Tycoon is both time-based and dependent on meeting the conditions of number of employees and amount of money in your account. Let’s take a look at each level.

The option to move to new offices will appear after 5 months from the time you meet the criteria.

LevelMoney on accountYearOther information
1starting office (garage)
21Mfirst office with 4 employers
35MY11 M6 W2“upgrade PC option”
416MY13 M9 W2new building

There is also an office upgrade called Hardware Lab and R&D Lab so to make it work you have to be at the last level and you have to employ specialists.

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