How to rotate object in Dwarf Fortress?

After add Dwarf Fortress to GeForce Now then I could play this game on mine MacBook. I’ve played some first hour so I’m will create content since I know some more informations about game. First thing what is make question for me was wtf how can I rotate objects?

After some research I know that isn’t possible rotate objects/furniture/workshops.

And mine dwarfs use these object event they are in bad position.

Yes this could be bad for your OCD syndrome if you have it. But if this will be problem…

Mine first dormitory in Dwarf Fortress

… then you could open Settings > Video and change game to ASCII mode which is more OG than “color mode” above and your problems with rotation are going away.

How looks ASCII mode in Dwarf Fortress

This ASCII mode looks good inside the in the depths but on surface. Is very hard to navigate, but I understand that the game has a long history and when it first saw the light of day this was a classic.

Surface in ASCII mode in Dwarf Fortress
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