How to make a roundabout in Cities Skylines?

Another day and another tips for roads in Cities Skylines. Today we will look how to make roundabouts in Cities Skylines which should be great solution for low traffic interchanges which is more effective than traffic lights…

… there are “manual” way to build roundabout and I love create roundabouts “with mods”. I will show you both way. So let’s start with our quick tutorial.

Creating roundabout manually

First way is creating roundabout in manual way. For this I use dirt road from which I make big X. With this X and curved roads you could create effectively roundabout. Let’s look at step by step guide how to make roundabout manually.

Roundabout base from dirt road

After making X with dirt road you could change to one-way roads and with curves you could make roundabout. You could see that this roundabout isn’t as beautiful as the one I’ll show you below.

First view on our manual roundabout

When you delete dirt roads and connect to other roads you could see that this roundabout is quite deformed. But it shouldn’t matter. This way works well and you could use it.

Final roundabout from manual creation.

Creating roundabout with mods

Second more smooth way is creating roundabouts with mods. I’m using Roundabout Builder from Steam Workshop which creates really smooth roundabouts. For the first you must start with interchange which you want replace…

You must select where you want to build roundabout.
And I’ve recommend you to build interchange there.

… then you open mod settings same as you choosing other mods settings where you could setup radius and road type from which you want to build roundabout. After that you could see how much will this roundabout cost you and if you click you will build roundabout.

Preview of new roundabout from mods.

After this you will have clear and smooth roundabout. Which is connected to other roads and works well.

Final roundabout from mod results

For me I could recommend you using mod because this roundabout looks more beautiful. I was showing you this type on small roundabouts but if you have big interchange which you want replace. Then mode is definitely good way how to optimize your traffic.

On image bellow you could see big roundabout created by mod which connects interchange from 4 big roads like main resident road, main industrial zone and highway. It works good but yes it could works better.

Big roundabouts created with mods.
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