Increase army size in Victoria 3

After building navy I have some tips for your to increase army size in Victoria 3 which you could do if you want play aggressive or you need to to defend your country against a stronger opponent. Also increase army is good way how to get more prestige. Army in Victoria 3 have two parts (regular and conscriptions) we will look on both of them and also I will show you tips to defeat stronger nations.

Increase regular army size

First way how to increase your regular army size is building more barracks in your nation. In case you are building barracks you must focus that you are building them on places on which you have enough workers for them because if they don’t have workers they don’t add you batalions.

Construction barracks show you how much laborers are there.
Also you could see check mark if there are a lot of people available.

Also you could have problems with low military wages and there won’t be enough people which will works in your barracks. Lowering military wages is one of way how to get more money but in this case it’s more likely to harm your barracks.

Very low military wages means lower training rate.
Which means that new barracks will be filled slowly.

Increase conscriptions centers

Second way how to increase your army size are conscriptions centers. This centers you cannot build but you could activate decree which increase number of conscriptions battalions which you have available. This conscriptions center aren’t good for using in regular battles and I’m recommend you using this when you are in trouble and more stronger nation attacks on you.

Enlistment efforts decree

Alternatively you could change your army model law. In my case you could see that I have now “professional army” in which I have 105 conscription battalions but if I change this law to national militia you could see that I will have 564 conscription battalions. So this could be good way how to increase your power.

Conscription laws

Where to find your army size?

If you need to find how is your army size you could click on your flag and after you must click to information tab where you could see how large army you have. Also you could see strength army of other nations so this informations could be good for planning wars.

Where you could find your army strength

How to defeat a stronger nation?

If you need defat stronger nation and you cannot increase regular army size and you cannot increase number of conscriptions center then you must optimize your current army or play more clever than your opponent.

To optimize your army to be more stronger you could change production methods. Every change of production methods has 12 months disadvantages for the units, which will be temporarily weaker, so it makes sense to make sure you don’t go to war soon after the changes.

Production methods of your barracks.

Second way how to defeat stronger nation in Victoria 3 could be economic way. If other country imports their military goods (weapons, munition,…) then you could embargo them and you could also raid their convoys. This should lead to problems on other side and they’ll fall off faster.

The last tips to defeat stronger nation is to cherry-picks well traits of generals and use their trait in correct way. Some generals have positive traits which increase defense/offense but they could have negative traits like smaller morale or more. Is important that you know your generals.

General and traits. Is important to check this stats.
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