Groceries in Victoria 3

Groceries are food resources which are important for your poops if your standard of living is rising in Victoria 3. Today we will look more deeply at groceries. In addition, this article will provide you with a food industry production calculator which may help you to maximize your outputs.

Why you need to have groceries:

  • Convert at better rate grain to groceries.
  • Increase urbanization of your towns.
  • Create more “smart” jobs than farms.
  • The whole population can use groceries as a food source.
  • More food industry factories mean the increase of GDP of your country.

Quick intro to Groceries

As I mentioned in the intro about Groceries, Groceries are one of the basic foods which are available in Victoria 3. They can be produced only in a Food Industry factory. If we want to talk about the importance, they are especially needed for your pops. The difference between “basic food” and “luxury food” is also another topic. In the case of basic food for a low standard of living, groceries have more weight than grain or fish. It means that fewer goods are needed to satisfy the pops.

Basic Food and the importance of Groceries in Victoria 3

Groceries are also needed for luxury foods. These foods are important for all population which you have. Groceries are significantly more important for advanced economies which have a high standard of living. Pops with SOL above >20 can’t consume grain and fish, because they are simply too basic for them.

Luxury Food and importance of Groceries in Victoria 3

In my experience, it is good to retrieve groceries from the early phases of the game and keep their prices down. Simply put, it’s better to feed your people with groceries because it feeds more. Moreover, you get more from taxes because factories have more taxation than farms. Then you will also employ more people in “smart jobs”. Farming is not a long-term way to sustain a good economy.

🧮 Food Industry production calculator

Based on game files, I’ve made a production calculator for Food Industry in Victoria 3 in which you could find the best-performing combination of production settings for your food industry. Also, I made some “pre-made” settings which should help you…

Production calculator

Best methods for Food Industry:

Possible settings of Food Industry:


… you should know now what combination of production methods in Food Industry maximizes your outputs with lower inputs.

Must I focus on groceries?

It is a very good question whether you need to focus on groceries or you just can skip their production. In my opinion, Victoria 3 could be played without some food types. But be aware of the fact that the game tries to balance itself and you need to have a variety of food sources. Because then, if the price goes up slightly or another source goes down, you could be in trouble. Like in real life, it’s better to provide enough food at low prices for your population because this will lead to expansion and increasing standard of living.

Poor standards of living? I’ve written for you guide in which I explain how standars of living mechanics works and how to increase them – read more.

How much you actually need groceries can be seen by watching your pops need (and eventually from the list of costs they spend on goods, which can be found under the standards of living tab).

Relative prices of goods which your pops need

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