Increase authority in Victoria 3

Today i have tips how to increase authority in Victoria 3. Authority is your power when we will talk about intern movements and changes. Settings new decree, settings consumption taxes or influencing pop groups will cost you authority. So let’s look how you could increase your authority.

Informations about authority

Before we start let’s look on authority parameters. You could see that there are some parameters which leads to increase your authority and also costs. If you have a surplus of authority your enactment time needed for laws is higher. If you don’t have enough authority then you will be slower in reacting on your problems so is good to focus have enough authority.

Authority permits the following actions…

  • setting new decree
  • setting consumption taxes
  • influence pop groups by boosting or suppres

… and after you perform this action then it costs until you call off this action.

Authority overview

Problems with authority and what to do?

If you don’t have enough authority it will be good idea to look at what you are currently claiming to be an authority on the subject and see if you need to continue to claim it. There is nothing easier than saving the authority and using it for something new.

Where could I get more authority?

More authority you could get by laws. Laws which adds you authority are often quite determinant in how your country will develop. Let’s take look on most laws which could change how amount authority you have.

Governance principles

LawGovernance principles
Monarchy+200 authority
Presidential Republic+100 authority
Parliamentary Republic
Theocracy+200 authority
Council Republic
How you could get more authority by changing governance principles laws

Distribution of power

LawDistribution of power
Autocracy+200 authority
Oligarchy+100 authority
Landed Voting+100 authority
Wealth Voting+100 authority
Census Suffrage+50 authority
Universal Suffrage
Anarchy-50% authority
How you could get more authority by changing distribution of power laws


Ethnostate+200 authority
National Supermacy+150 authority
Racial Segregation+100 authority
Cultural Exclusion+50 authority
How you could get more authority by changing citizenship laws

Church and state

LawChurch and state
State Religion+200 authority
Freedom of Conscience+100 authority
Total Separation
How you could get more authority by changing church and state laws

Free speech

LawFree Speech
Outlawed Dissent+200 authority
Censorship+100 authority
Right of Assembly+50 authority
Protected Speech
How you could get more authority by changing free speech laws

Other laws which affects authority

There is also law called Isolation in Trade policy which adds +50% authority. But you will have big problems with trading. In short, your country will have to make do with this law on its own.

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