Is Hearts of Iron IV free?

No, Hearts of Iron IV isn’t currently free. This game is AAA from Paradox Interactive and you could classify it as a grand strategy wargame. There are a lot of DLC and a big community around the game. Developers care about our players so you must buy this game.

You could buy this game at the official site or Steam or Microsoft Store. If you don’t know if you will like this game you could subscribe for a month or Steam which cost just 10% of the game’s full price. So you could test it and after that bought this game.

Where can I download Hearts of Iron IV?

Please, don’t try to find where you could download this game. You could download malware to your PC or other or other things that will harm your computer. This game is worth buying when you like world war 2 and strategy games. If you don’t have enough money you could wait for sales. This game is every year in sales so you could bough it. It’s better to support paradox to make more excellent games.

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