Naval invasion in Victoria 3

After some time the Victoria 3 announce new patch 1.2. and I’m must try new changes. I was played as Spain and when I want to expand to another countries I’ve must perform naval invasion. So there are my tips how to use naval invasion in Victoria 3.

Preparation of your army and navy

First important step before invasion is small preparation. You must have enough units in your barracks. Also naval invasion can make you an easier target for others. So you need to have enough power of them. There’s nothing easier than attacking someone who has weak units.

In diplomatic plays you can often be attacked by another stronger country to defend someone with whom they have good relations. So build up defenses and a strong army first and then attack.

Your admirals details

If you have good army you need to build naval bases which provides you flotile. In mine personal opinion could be good have like 20 flotile before start. Also you will nee admiral. Is need to choose wisely to have great support on your invasion.

Start war

You cannot start naval invasion without war. So after you are prepare and you have one admiral on naval base with enough flotiles and also with lot of generals with army you could start war.

Remember you naval invasion must have more regiments than have other side. Because if you don’t have enough units then landing will not go well and you be easily defeated.

Start naval invasion

To start naval invasion you must click on your admiral and select “naval invasion”. Your admiral must be on base on which you have enough units. So if you have “Iberia HQ” with enough units. Because you will use them as your invasion forces.

Where to click “naval invasion”

After that you will be able to select forces which will be used for naval invasion. You must have mobilized them and is good to have big strength because they will be some time without any support. If you have just small groups under your generals then you could promote your generals and they will have more units in their command.

Selection of units for invasion

After preparation and cruises to the final destination you will see battle for the landing which you must win to be successful in naval invasion. So as I mention above you need to have enough units (and also strong).

Invasion results
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