Puppet command (cheat guide) HOI4

If you have political problems with stability you could increase it with some political movements and in focus tree. But there is also stability cheat which helps you instantly. This is HOI4 cheat guide for stability – let’s start.

How puppet cheat works?

Puppet cheat needs two variables and both of them are country tag. The order of country tags are important to correct works. Firs country tag is puppeteer country and the second tag is new puppet for that country.

puppet [sourceCountry] [newPuppet]

So if you are playing as any country and you want to puppet someone. You must write your country tag first! If your country tag will be second then you will be puppet of another country.

  • puppet GET FRA
  • puppet CZE HUN
  • puppet SOV POL

… so in first case Germany will get new puppet France. If everything works well you could see this informations in your subjects. On image bellow you could see that I’ve made puppet CZE HUN a puppet CZE AUS

After command I could see mine new puppets

When you could use puppet command?

Great way when you could use puppet command is alternative history. You could create your own countries with this command and own relations. Or if you make some bad decisions on peace conference and you don’t get state to puppet which you wanted.

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