Puppet command cheat guide HOI4

If you have political stability problems, you can increase it with some political movements and in a focus tree. However, these two options are not the only options you have, because you can use the stability cheat as well!

How does the puppet cheat work?

Puppet cheat needs two variables, and both are country tags. The order of these country tags is important to get the job done correctly. Firs country tag is a puppeteer country and the second tag is a new puppet for that particular country.

puppet [sourceCountry] [newPuppet]

If you play for a country and you want to puppet someone, you have to write your country tag first! Be careful, in case you label your country before, you become a puppet for another country.

  • puppet GET FRA
  • puppet CZE HUN
  • puppet SOV POL

… so, as can be seen in the first case, Germany will get France as a new puppet. If everything works well, you can see their information in your subjects. In the picture below, you can see that I made a puppet out of HUN and a puppet out of AUS

After the command, I can see my new puppets.

When to use the puppet command?

A great way to use the puppet command is with alternative history. With this command you can create your own countries and their own relationships. In case you make bad decisions at the peace conference and you do not get a state (puppet) you wanted, this is also very useful.

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