Ownership guide for Victoria 3

When you are optimizing production methods in Victoria 3 you could find selection of “ownership”. Could be good question if and how/why change this ownership in your buildings. And to this we will look more deeply in mine today’s article.

Ownership determines who will get money from your factories / buildings. Important is focusing this ownership types with your economy system. Economy systems determine how much will be fund investment pool or how much construction sector will be allocated on private construction.

To be fair before I start I don’t use Government run and Worker Cooperative because this is more harder to optimize and organize. I’m big fan Capitalism way in Victoria 3. So bellow you could see how I use ownership to boost mine country in capitalism way.

In start your country will probably have basic interventionism. Which will mean that every advanced pops contribute to investment pool with basic level. Changing this economy systems could helps you to increase investments to pool and boost construction.

Ownership possibilities

So if you have basic ownership (Merchants Guilds) in early phases then money goes to shopkeepers (middle strata) or aristocrats (upper strata) depends on buildings type. So is good to select economy system Agrarianism which will increase investment pool contribution for Aristocrats +50% and Farmers +50%.

But when your country develops more and you will have more advanced factories then will see more factories using “Privately Owned” and Capitalist will grow in your country. Then will be for you better using Laissez-Faire system in which you get +25% from Capitalist and +25% from Shopkeepers investment pool contribution.

And if you want to boost this investment from Capitalist you could change ownership to publicly traded and in your poops will grow your Capitalists group so you will have more upper strata people. Bellow you could see how much people to upper strata when I change ownership.

Upper strata change

So basically if you need to increase investment pool contribution from your poops then you should change ownership to “publicly traded”. But also be aware you must watch taxes. On image above you could see that I have only 2,4% taxation on mine upper strata. So I get more money in investment pool but I don’t have much money from taxes. So it’s a quid pro quo. And it would make sense to raise their taxes.

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