Paradox Interactive 2Q2022 report

Today’s article won’t be about some game. But today I will write about Paradox Interactive investor reports from 2Q/2022. I didn’t know that Paradox has stocks, so this was a wow moment for me…

… but Paradox is one of the best strategy game developers with good games. And I think that we could get some “spicy” info about their company and their games. Today I want to analyze their presentation and get some info about their presentation.

We had a pretty good quarter we strengthened our core portfolio, we have some good releases in high quality and quite a good attachment rate on the monthly active users

In the first minute, we know that Paradox has a good quarter – so we can be calm and listen in peace.

Releases in 2Q/2022

This quarter was busy. We get a lot of new DLCs for our favorite games. In the next lines are branches that have Paradox and I’ve selected some release trailers for you to see more details. There were 9 new releases there are top of them:

We get new DLC for Crusader Kings III focused on Iberia 31.05.2022

Stellaris branch gets new DLC from 12.05.2022 with features for rulers and megastructures.

Prison Architects DLC Gangs from 14.06.2022 with more focus on gangs.

We get three new Surviving Mars DLCs from 28.04.2022 which were: Martian Expres, Revelation Radio, and Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack.

And one DLC for Surviving the Aftermath with the name New Alliances from 18.6.2022.

Other general info

Paradox has 5M – 6M monthly active users in the community. Paradox may have been a bit worried about losing users (us), but supposedly we are loyal as players even after COVID. Continued user growth is essential for Paradox, so we can expect them to give back to us, the community.

For now, are 14 projects in the core pipeline on which they focus? For now, we know about HOI4 By Blood Alone DLC which will be focused on Italy and airplanes. And the main thing on which Paradox is working is the game Victoria III which will be a sequel to Victoria II from 2010. And we know that Crusader Kings III will be on consoles this year.

At the start of September (2.9. >> 3.9.) will be PDXCON 2022 in Stockholm with impressive activities where we could play the new Victoria III or new DLC from HOI4. There are just 500 available tickets.

Key figures

From key results, we could see that Paradox makes in last quarter +13% grow revenues and a +91% of growth in operating profit. We should see that there are fewer employees but I didn’t get why. We should see that Paradox has more money so you don’t have to worry about us being out of games. Keep it up, Paradox!

The full report of 2Q/2022 on YouTube

If you want to see the presentation there are Q2 Report videos from 2022 so you could run full.

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