Railway Empire – all about express lines

After the special focusing on cities and introducing Railway Empire, today I would like to take a look at a specialty that interests more players and that is express lines. These things I discover when I play free game mode and I won’t share some details about express lines.

What are express lines in Railway Empire?

Express lines are the fastest lines that you could build on your railway. But you can’t proactively build these lines because by clicking some button. First, you must build a straight line between cities without stopping in rural stations.

After that some parameters express lines must have:

  • Best train by maximu speed.
  • Distance and slope of rails.
  • Directness (more direct => more expensive, but better for compliance)
  • Staff could help you boost the parameters of the train.

If I have problems with making mine trains express. I make separate lines for passenger trains. Where aren’t any other train stations? But if you want to create a long express line you could have problems with the condition of the train.

Why do you want have express lines?

The reason is simple. When you have the express line you get from these lines +10% income from passengers and mail. Which could boost your income in the early phases of the game.

How do I express lines?

  1. When I have connected all freight possible lines. I’ve made passenger lines.
  2. These lines I’ve renamed as PASS 0XXX for better analytics.
  3. After creating I’ve upgraded trains to maximum performance.
  4. When I research new train I’m upgrading all passengers trains.

How do you know that your line is express?

If your line is the express line you could see lightning above the train speedometer. If you match the criteria with your train you could get this “express badge”. On image bellow you could see where is “express line” meter.

Or if you don’t want open all details of your trains you could get information if your trains are express or not. Below is the screen with two arrows that point to places where is flash if the specific train is expressed.

And yes, there is the third way to get information if your train is express and this way is breaking speed records. After you break it you will be in the newspaper and 99% of the train which breaks record and they are just for passangers or mail will be express. But the newspaper doesn’t have any other meaning, so it is better to get used to the overviews mentioned above.

Express line bonus in Railway Empire, is worth it?

When you play scenarios, the campaign so every once in a while you may see an express line connection prompt over the cities. In my experience, there is 100 000 – 200 000 money per bonus and I recommend to fulfill this bonus. The task is relatively easy to complete and this route should earn you more than just a freight route.

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