Project Hospital: all basic information about the game

Since I wrote about Two Point Studios yesterday and recalled the cult game Two Point Hospital and Theme Hospital, I remembered Project Hospital, which I have in my library and which I would like to introduce to you today. In the beginning, I have to say that I won’t be introducing any new game since Project Hospital was released on 30.10.2018.

What is Project Hospital about?

Unlike the games mentioned in the introduction, Project Hospital is much more focused on realism and functionality. In the game you treat real diseases, you have to diagnose them first and then cure them. It may sound boring, but there’s actually a lot of fun in the complexity and detail.

In short, you are put in the role of a manager, at the same time a designer/builder, and if you want, you can also solve individual cases. The game may look and feel repetitive at times, but there’s nothing like building a new ward from scratch and seeing the first patients start to flow in.

To sum things up, there are 9 basic wards in the base game that gradually open up depending on whether/what scenario you’re playing or how your hospital grows. You are practically constantly either taking care for patients or expanding your hospital.

Nevertheless, what I like the most is the “trauma center”. To make it clear and short, an ambulance arrives with a patient in front of the hospital and you have to take him in and examine them immediately, otherwise they may collapse or even die. In this case, you should take a quick diagnosis, and decide whether and what to treat. If you don’t stop the bleeding and deal with worse injuries (diagnose), it is possible that the overall condition will get worse.

There is also a tutorial in the game to guide you through the real basics. You’ll have to figure a lot of things out on your own, and overall you’ll have to do a lot of research. Not to worry though, the game will accommodate you and give you more information in the various hints and further help.

Where to play Project Hospital?

Project Hospital is available on PCs with programs like Windows, Mac, and Linux. You could buy it via Steam as well.

Unfortunately, Project Hospital isn’t available on consoles, but I’d say it’s the right decision, as there are a lot of little buttons in the game to make a lot of decisions. I can’t imagine the game playing well with something such as a console. Just way too complicated!

What’s a shame and a bit limiting that Project Hospital can’t be played on GeForce Now, but fortunately it doesn’t have such complex requirements that I can’t play it on a laptop.

Where to buy Project Hospital?

As I mentioned above, Project Hospital is available on Steam. The base game is available there for a price starting at $24.99. If you want to buy the game with the current DLC (4), the game will cost you $39.56, saving you about 12% (at the time of writing) than if you bought the game first and then bought everything else.

Is the Project Hospital worth buying?

If you like more realistic management games, I think you might enjoy this game. I think it definitely fits into any strategy game player’s portfolio just because of how different and more realistic this game is.

Is Project Hospital free?

No, the Project Hospital isn’t free. But if you buy this game, there is a free DLC for it called Doctor Mode. In this DLC you can play in a hospital that you have built or that has already been prepared, but you can only play strictly as a doctor and your goal is to take care of patients. But we’ll talk about that some other time.

Will there be Project Hospital 2?

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t know if another project like Project Hospital 2 is in the process of creation. Oxymoron is currently releasing several patches a year and is currently finishing up availability on Steam Deck, but otherwise, we haven’t known for a while if any more DLC is coming or if the developers are working on another game.

Although Oxymoron Games has about 5 developers working for them (Linkedin), it’s possible another Project Hospital 2 or similar game will be made. We will have to wait for that though.

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