Two Point Studios

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at more detail about Two Point Studios, the UK-based game studio behind the games that are branded as Two Point Hospital and, more recently, Two Point Campus. Let’s take a little closer look at them.

Games from Two Point Studios

First of all, I have to say that the games from Two Point Studios follow the old Theme Hospital (1997) or Hospital Tycoon (2007). These games were about managing a hospital. But you were not treating normal diseases, but unusual and funny diseases. I remember always waiting for the next disease and then I had to try what to do with the disease. In summary, their games are super fun!

Two Point Hospital

The first game from Two Point Studios was Two Point Hospital. This game was released in 2018 and is available on all classic platforms and game consoles. And for gamers who prefer to play remotely, it is also available on GeForce Now.

The game actually has many (21,180+) positive reviews, so it is clear that the wait since the original Theme Hospital (since 1997) or Hospital Tycoon (since 2007) has paid off and the game has been a great success with players.

Is Two Point Hospital child-friendly? I think yes, the game is suitable for children. The hospital environment is handled in a fun way and there is no blood in the game.

How Two Point Hospital looks

Are Two Point Hospital free? No, the game is not free although there is a DLC called zombie costume and 60 SEGA things. You can get this DLC for free on Steam. Overall, the entire Two Point Hospital series will otherwise cost you around $84.89.

Similar previous games: Theme Hospital (1997), Hospital Tycoon (2007)

Similar upcoming games: Project Hospital

Other similar (games with medicine): Big Pharma

Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus was released on 9.8.2022. However, it is not a boring academy, everything will be a bit more complicated. You will be taking care of students in various special subjects such as chivalry, cooking, or spies.

It is again an unconventional environment of the game does not lack jokes and it seems to me that it is a super processed theme. As far as strategy games go, this is one of the first games that focus on the campus in more depth.

More information about Two Point Studios

Two Point Studios was founded on 26.7.2016 by Ben Hymers, Mark Webley, and Gary Carr. From Linkedin, we could see that they have 35 employers now. But from their official website, we can find out that there are 42 in total (in 08/2022). We will try to keep this number updated and tracked for you. They are based in Farnham, England, near London and their offices look beautiful.

What is interesting and helps the games from Two Point Studios is their collaboration with SEGA. Originally SEGA was just their publisher and they have been since the beginning when they announced they were working on Two Point Hospital but in May 2019 they were acquired and now Two Point Studios is part of SEGA.

I believe this strategic partnership can help them survive the current difficult situation and continue to produce good games! I like what Two Point Studios is doing and I like their games a lot!

Why do Two Point Studios work on games like Theme Hospital?

This could be a good question, but when we look at the creators of Theme Hospital (1997) we could see that Mark Webley was the producer and Gary Carr was the artist. So they worked together on Theme Hospital and probably had the right to continue with this topic. After all, it sometimes happens with games that part of their development team releases a sequel after a while.

What will be the next game from Two Point Studios?

For now (8/2022) we don’t know about any new games on which are Two Point Studios working because they released Two Point Campus in early August. However, if we look at the gap between Two Point Hospital and Two Point Campus, which are 4 years apart, we may see another game sometime around 2025 – 2026, although perhaps if Two Point Campus is successful we may see an expansion of the studio.

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