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I want to show you the next article from Railway Empire today is Towns special. This shows you some tips and tricks with towns in RE.

How get information about the town in Railway Empire?

If you want information about your city. You must open city detail so you must click on the selected city on the map. Then will open town detail. If you want to see details of another city you could click on arrows around the city name and go to another city.

After the line with the name, there is information in three columns (information, image with sources, and express goods) and after that, there is a row (factories and special buildings in the city) which are progressively opened when your city grows.

Detail of basic city when you start game

Now, what to do? If you need some special goods and you need build factory you see in last row which level (population) you need…

… population grows if your citizens have at least 60% of their demands. So you must deliver to the cities raw materials for factories and after that, you must connect your factories to other cities. If you need information about what your city needs you could click on “information” in the left column and you will see the details of the informations:

What your city needs and how you fullfill demands

On the left side of this screen are two graphs first graphs show you how your station in the city is working. For me best way is to use 50 – 75% of capacity. So I have space to expand without the need to expand stations and tracks…

… the second chart is about if there are enough resources in the city or not. Remember that for your city to grow so you need to meet the fulfillment of needs to at least 60%. Otherwise, your city won’t grow and the population will stagnate.

On the left table, you could see all goods/materials which are available on this map. And in columns are:

  • Stock in town
  • Weekly consumption
  • Weekly creating
  • Consumption in all cities
  • Creating in all cities

So in this table, you could get information if you are doing things in a good way or not. If you have a problem that is more “systematic” like you don’t have production of some goods you could get information that you must boost up production.

What are city buildings and how to use them?

In Railway Empire are two city buildings. First which you could build 3 per city is factories. In every scenario, the campaign, and map are specific factories for materials/goods which are available on the map. Factories make from raw materials goods or goods luxury goods.

Factories are built by computer in cities when your cities grow. Some cities have built factories at the start and when you have a city and it grows you could build your factory. There are screen how adding factories looks like…

… you could see that you must pay 150 000$ and more per factory. After you select some of the types which you want you could select where you want to build it.

Building factory menu

Tip: You don’t want to build factories that you already have in your cities if you building your factories. Yes, this could look easy because you have a connected city with raw material suppliers but you need to balance your goods.

The second thing which you could build is open for you in level three. These buildings aren’t connected with goods but there could help you boost other properties of your towns. There are in general three types of buildings:

  • University – gives you 4 points to research per weekly per building
  • Museum – lowers the threshold for meeting needs by 10%
  • Turistic site – increases tourism (passenger traffic) by 20%

For me, I build museums in which I have goals to grow the city (in scenarios or campaigns) or I build a university to boost up my research.

Non-industrial special buildings.

How destroy the factory in town?

If you make mistake and you build a bad factory in town. Don’t panic, there is a way to simply demolish the factory but you must own it. You could just click on detail and in the right column (next to an image of the factory) is the destroy button.

On the screen above you could find where is destroy button is. When you want to destroy the industry. Next to the button, you could see the “utilization graph” which shows you the efficiency of the factory.

Railway Empire town’s achievements

There are three achievement levels for me. The first one it’s “easy” which means that you could get these achievements in the first 10 hours of playing. The second one it’s “hard” which means that you could play a lot or you must play longer games. And last one “super-hard” are achievements which have only best 1,5% percent of players.

Easy town achievements in Railway Empire:

  • From A to B – you must connect 2 cities (this gets every player)
  • Monopolist – you must produce 80% of an item in the entire region
  • Jumbled routes – you must connect 10 cities
  • Egomaniac – you most own 10 industries

Hard town achievements in Railway Empire:

  • Tent camp – Relocate an indian village
  • No dough, no show! – Receive 5 city bonuses in one game
  • Lost my train of thought – Connect all cities in one game
  • It belongs in a museum – Build 5 different museums in one game
  • Platform Nine and Three-Quarters – Construct a railroad station with signaling control in the region of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • Gallivanting – Connect half of all cities in the Great Britain and Ireland region.
  • Eager to learn – Build 10 different universities in one game

Super-hard town achievements in Railway Empire:

  • El Mariachi – Connect all cities in a game in Mexico.
  • LǺNGSTRUMP – Connect 1 million citizens to your railroad network in Northern Europe.
  • Railpunzel – Connect the cities of Basel and Königsberg in a Germany game.
  • I made it eh – Connect all cities in the Great Lakes region.
  • Pile it on – Connect all cities in the Great Britain and Ireland region.
  • Cocktail Party – Connect all cities to each other in the region of South America.
  • KONGLÖMERǺD – Connect all cities to each other in the “Hibernation” scenario.
  • Trackatouille – Connect all cities in the region of France.
  • Feast of iron mobility – Connect all towns to your rail network on the Japan map.

How create your town in Railway Empire?

There isn’t an easy way to create your town. But you could edit game files where are maps and town settings and when you find the place you could create your town. How to do it? There is a manual.

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