Research commands for HOI4

If you want to research everything that is available in Hearts of Iron 4, then you could use command research all. Alternatively, you could use research slot_id which finishes research in the specific research slot which you have.

research all command

Command for research all
research all
Research the full research tree

After you use research all command, you will get all things which you could have in HOI4. This could be problematic for your economy or game because you have to react to changes after the research.

So in my opinion it is better to use research {slotID} because this will finish current slots and you’ll be more aware of what’s been researched. You can then take the necessary steps to do better research more slowly and have more control. Don’t be scared, it is fine to try to research all and look at game features to know what HOI4 offers for you.

research_on_icon_click command

Command for research on click
Research by clicking icons in your research tree.

As I mentioned above, research_on_icon_click is instant research on demand. If you use this command, you will be able to open a research tree and after clicking on icons, you will get this technology.

However, don’t forget that you need to use this command carefully because this command is also applied on AI. So they will get significantly faster than you. For this case, I recommend turning it off after using it.

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