Research commands for HOI4

If you want research all what is available in Hearts of Iron 4 then you could use command research all. Or alternatively you could use research slot_id which finishes research in specific research slot which you haves.

Research in middle-game phases

Research all command

research all

command which you should use to research all equipment

After you send research all code then you will get all things which you could have in HOI4. So this could be problematic for you – because you will get all options that are in the game so better way could be use slowly finishing research by using research slot_id which finishes research in specific slots…

… this could be more easier to adapt to what’s newly available and what’s not. It goes without saying that a more experienced player will probably use the first command and immediately start combining everything.

Research on click


command which instant research thing when you click on their icons

As I mention above this is instant research. If you allow this command and then you open research tree. So when you click on the icon you get instantly tested research. Maybe I would just be a bit cautious not to apply this to AI. Then it could get stronger significantly faster than you. So I recommend turning it off after use.

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