Supply grace in HOI4

Supply grace in HOI4 is variable which describes how long could units survive without penalties in other country without sufficient supply. It’s a metric that makes sense to track when you’re working with marines or paratroopers…

… if you don’t provide them with enough supplies by the time the supply grace runs out then there is a good chance that your entire ambush will come to nothing.

To increase supply grace of divisions you could change settings of game. Less difficulty could have bigger supply grace. Or if you are lucky then you could add to your general trait Amphibious which increase supply grace by +240 hours.

If your supply status is on 0% then your units will have big problems. So you must solve supply for your units until supply grace isn’t on zero. If you destroy supply of your oponent division then you will simply destroy them.

How play HOI4 with supply grace mechanics?

There are three methods how to effectively play with supply grace. One is if you’re attacking frontline or attacking with paratroops or marines. And the other is if you’re defending frontline. In parts bellow I’ve described some tactics how to improve your play with grace mechanics.

Attacking frontline and supply grace

If you attacking frontline and you are successful. Have in mind that you must optimize supply chain to your troops. You must extend you logistics which will helps your attacking groups.

For me when I’m attacking and winning frontline battles I use…

  • Setting trucks instead of horses from supply hubs.
  • I’m trying to get air superiority and support with transport planes.
  • I’m sending bombers to destroy supply chains on other side.
  • I’m focusing to repair destroyed infrastructure.

… so I could have advantage than my oponent. They will have problems with their infrastructure. And If I repair supply hubs / railways quickly then I will have faster progress in the attack.

Defending frontline and supply grace

If you aren’t attacking and you defend frontline. First step to successful defense is to have air superiority because you need to destroy bombers which try to destroy your supply chains. Another way is building AA guns which should helps…

… after air superiority there are same things what you must focus like when you attacking. You must have good supply chains on your side. If you are in bad positions for supply and you need defend then you could fallback to better positions.

And what now? If you need to be successful on defense. So defend good positions that have good stocks. By being steadfast in your positions, the attacker will gradually run out of power. And maybe prepare your paratroopers or marines for an ambush where the attacker doesn’t expect it. Prepare for a breakthrough and turn the defense into a successful attack.

Attacking with paratroops or marines and supply grace

The last thing when you must watch supplies is attacking with paratroops or marines. If you need boost supply of this units. Then you must use transport planes properly. So successful invasion into the enemy’s rear will depends on:

  • Air superiority (transport planes doesn’t work if you don’t have it).
  • Conquered ports (convoys will supply your units if you have ports).

So you need air superiority & transport planes if you need support or you must conquer ports which you could supply with convoys and then your units in enemy’s rear will have enough supply.

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