Resistance to occupation in HOI4

Another part of HOI4 DLC called La Resistance was about “new” system of occupation where is resistance mechanics. This mechanics simulate local “resistance” which is trying to harm you and thus weaken you. Today I will show you some tips and trick how to occupy states with these new system.

Before we start you must find where is “Occupied Territories” overview. For this you must click on your flag an then click on “occupied territories” button.

Where to find occupied territories

After you open this button then you could see which occupied territories you have. There are two types off occupied territories. First are not incorporated states into the empire there you should have problems with local resistance (on image bellow Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia). Second are full incorporated states where aren’t problems and you get everything the state offers for your benefit.

How look occupied territories overview

If you look thoroughly you could see that there are two “metrics” which are important Resistance strength and Compliance. These metrics determine what advantages/disadvantages you will have.

Occupation metrics in HOI4

If resistance strength will grow to 15%+ then you may have guerrillas attacking you and destroying local infrastructure. If you don’t watch this number and it grows to 90% it will become a rebellion when the troops in that country try to take back control.

Levels of resistance strength in HOI4 and effects

There are some specific levels of resistance strength in your country. When I’m playing I usually have resistance strength around 10 – 20%. So usually I don’t have problems. But I think that is good to know what awaits you if you don’t pay attention to this issue…

Name of levelStrength levelEffects
Starting problems> 15%starts first infrastructure problems
Organized Resistance> 25%garrison penetration chance: +50%
Emboldened Resistance> 50%damage to garrisons: +100%
Uprising> 75%divisions speed: -50%
strategic redeployment disabled: Yes
local supplies: -50%
division attrition: +30%
Rebellion> 90%starts war of Independence

… as you can see, with more resistance you start to have more and more problems. That’s why you need to address this problem as soon as you take over a new state. We’ll show you how to reduce the resistance below. Now let’s look at the second metric which is compliance.

The level of resistance in each state and what the pros/cons are.

Compliance explained

Second important metric is compliance. This metric show you how cooperative the country is with you. If you do everything right so gradually this level should increase and along with it should also lift the benefits that come from the country.

Name of levelCompliance levelBenefits
Informants> 15%Enemy operative detection chance offset: +25%
Local Police Force> 25%Required Garrisons: -25%
Additional Recruitable Population: +0.5%
Reorganized Workforce> 40%Local Resources: +10%
Local factories: +10%
Volunteer Program> 60%Recruitable Population: +20%
A New Regime> 80%Triggers event to establish a Collaboration Government

When you have compliance above >80% then could be established new Collaboration Government which has some specifics but important is that you have most of the raw materials and production capacity to your advantage. So this is a great direction to improve your economy.

How to reduce resistance strength?

First thing which you must do is having full garrison in country which is occupied by you. So could be good set priority for suppling garrison. Then they will get first manpower and other things which you must build…

Which unit template select for garrisons?

… for me works well horse divisions as garrisons. They usually cost less and don’t need many manpower or other resources. So first when you have problems then you must focus on garrison template. Second thing which could helps you is garrison law. This law determine which stats will be used…

Laws which you should use
Best for me is Secret Police od Local Police Force

…you could see that every law have specific problems. Some of the benefits are that target resistance is reduced (they are tougher) and also compliance growth is slowed slightly. These are good to use if resistance is getting stronger to slow/stop it and buy time. Either way you have to balance this as needed.

The third thing which you could use are operatives which could do mission to “root out resistance”. This mission when is performed on 100% reduce resistance target by -10%. So if you use operatives then you could have more free laws and your compliance will grow faster.

Operative mission root out resistance in HOI4.

How to increase compliance?

To increase compliance you could do two things. First what you could do is detail preparation of your invasion. If you plan all thing correctly and you use spies then you could do operation called preparing a collaboration government which will increase compliance before war ends…

Operation for collaboration government

… so when I know that I want to expand then I’m starting building intel network in specific country. And if I have enough operatives then I’m using this operation to boost compliance.

Second way how to increase compliance is waiting. You could select laws which I show you above and which aren’t to radical and then compliance will grow.

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