La Resistance DLC for HOI4

La Resistance is one of the Hearts of Iron IV DLC which came to market on 25.2.2020 and which brings to the game new options which you have when you play as France, Spain, or Portugal with extended focus trees. The second big thing is spies and intelligence agencies. And the third big thing is collaboration governments and resistance.

Since the start, this DLC has Steam are 1 600 mixed reviews. In this article, I will show you some key features and I try to respond some frequently asked questions about La Resistance DLC.

Let’s start with the “cinematic” trailer…

… as you could see this isn’t just cosmetic DLC. There are new features that could change your game systems and taking over countries will be much more challenging when the target states take longer and longer to defend themselves – especially when guerrilla insurgencies break out.

Which are the main features of La Resistance DLC?

New focus trees

There are three new focus trees:

  • Free France – which is democratic France after they lose the war with Germany.
  • Vichy France – this country could establish Germany when they defeat France.
  • Republican Spain – if Republicans defeat Nationalists you could have these focus tree.
  • Nationalist Spain – if Nationalists defeat the Republicans you could have these focus tree.
  • Portugal – get’s new tree in which you could react to events

Usually, I don’t play in these countries. So I must try it to have some screen on new focus trees.

Spies and intelligence agency

One of the biggest game mechanic changes is spies and intelligence agencies. This feature brings to the game now possible ways how to play. You could get more information about opponents, you could get better information or you could harm the opponent with your spies…

What you could upgrade in your agency

… but this feature isn’t just about “attacking” your spies could help you to defend your nation because whenever you will be in war or when it’s going to look like war is coming. So it can be said that there will be operatives from foreign countries working on your territory.

To try everything from inteligence agency you could try agency cheats.

Collaboration and resistance

Resistance and collaboration are game mechanics with which you will meet if you conquer new countries. You will need to build a template for “peacekeepers” that will suppress the local resistance for you which will certainly grow and the guerrillas will damage your infrastructure and factories…

How occupation looks in HOI4

… but don’t worry. If you do everything right and work with the situation as it arises, you can get the country under control much faster and accelerate your profits. What I like is that when you create a puppet/colony, you can gradually transform it into a part of your country without any problems.

>> More information about resistance and compilation <<

Is La Resistance worth buying?

Definitely yes – I love this DLC and the new possibilities that this DLC brought to the game. If you aren’t ready or convinced so wait for discounts or rent the game and try it out to see if it makes sense for you.

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