What is Together for Victory in HOI4?

Together for Victory is one of the DLCs which came to HOI4. The date of publishing was 15.12.2016 and since its start, it had 1,253 “mixed” reviews on Steam. To be honest, this expansion didn’t appeal to me, as I don’t enjoy playing as Great Britain, but I think I like some of the game mechanics that this DLC brought to the game. Let’s take a look at what improvements this DLC has brought to the game.

As whenever I write about some DLC, we must start with the trailer…

… this DLC focuses on Britain and its colonies. Overall, it expands the gameplay of the countries belonging to the Commonwealth. I can recommend it to the player who likes to play as these nations.

What features came to the game when you buy TfV in HOI4?

There are new focus trees that focus on the administration of the lands and colonies. You can experience what would have happened if India or Canada had become independent and how they would have coped during World War II…

… but back to features in Together for Victory there are new 5 focus trees for:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • British Raj (India)
  • South Africa

A new autonomy system has been added to the game to help you work better with colonies. There are 5 levels of autonomy ranging from Independent where the state can practically operate on its own to Integrated puppets where the state that owns the puppet gains all manpower and also the capacity of the factories.

A new Request lends lease option has been added where you can ask your allies for materials without having to rely on them to offer themselves. It can expand more multiplayer games where for example 2v2 players are playing. Alternatively, this style can help you use your allies who are not actively involved in the conflict.

Something that does not extend the gameplay, but pleases so with this DLC to the game we get 3D units just for the countries of the Commonwealth, which copy the images we know from the 2D view. And the last update was 3 new music tracks. Which you could listen on Spotify.

Is Together for Victory worth buying?

For me, this DLC is not a must-have. On the other hand, if you’re playing for Britain or want to see how the world would evolve, this is a DLC you want to try. The gameplay mechanics that came into play aren’t that relevant to other countries, but they come in handy. If you are a fan of HOI4 then yes you want this DLC. If you’re a casual gamer feel free to skip it.

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