Victoria III – why this game will be good?

Since 3.8. I’ve seen a lot of videos and I read a lot of content about Victoria III which will be a sequel od Victoria II. And after an hour and hours of focusing on this game I could say one thing:

This game will be good!

Why do I think so? In this article, I will show you why!

New game features

What I like is the openness of the developers and their developer diaries. So far I haven’t followed any other game the way I follow Victoria 3, and I analyze interesting game mechanics for you right away. I believe that the 12 years of rest between each part will show not only in the appearance but also in the mechanics. Although yes (I understand) and I don’t think the developers worked on the game for 12 years.

Many improvements have been made for new players. We’re promised a detailed tutorial, and a bit more hand-holding with objectives, but if you don’t want to and want to go classic sandbox you can! The map presented looks amazing. And everything looks very sophisticated to me. I’m a bit afraid of it being too much, but I believe that those who want to learn the game will learn it quickly.

Paradox Interactive

We must remind when we will talk about Victoria III that the developer is Paradox Interactive and grand strategy are their focus. In past years they have successful games like Hearts of Iron IV or Crusader Kings III and we must not forget about Stellaris or Europa Universalis IV

Paradox games have a huge community so I think that Victoria III will be a lot of content created. But the community isn’t just about content about the game. There will be a big modding community I guess because, since starting in their developer diaries, they mention if any game mechanics will be customizable in modes or not. So the modding community has been supportive from the start.

After the release, we can expect that they will take care of the game and that we will get more and more DLC that will gradually expand the game.

Expected by the community

It’s no secret that every time Paradox launched a new game, they were bombarded with questions about whether it would be Victoria III. Overall, grand strategies are popular with a large portion of strategy gamers and I believe the 12-year wait will show. (Yes Victoria II was released in August 2010). I would even say that things will be much better than in history, but let’s be surprised.

Below you can see a comparison from Google Trends which tracks interest in Paradox’s big games over the last 5 years. So far there isn’t that much interest in Victoria III, but I expect that in a few months we’ll see what we saw with CK3 at launch time in September 2020.


As I follow Victoria III more and more I plan to expand this article with more reasons why I think this game will be a hit. I recommend bookmarking it and coming back.

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