What does Industry 4.0 do in Cities Skylines?

Let’s take a look at Industry 4.0 policy in Cities Skylines. How can it help you with building your city and when to use this policy in your industry zones?

Industry 4.0 is open for you when you reach the milestone Big Town which is around 1,800 – 7,500 population depending on the map you play. This milestone can be used in your orange/ industry zones and this policy will drastically change your industry.

🟢 Pros:

  • You won’t need uneducated workers in your industry.
  • Production output will increase by 50% in your city.

🔴 Cons:

  • Workspaces will be reduced by 30%.
  • There will be no industrial workspaces for uneducated citizens.

This policy can be useful in industrial zones in cities which have a big level of education and a need for a boost of good production. It can also help with pollution of your industrial zones because Industry 4.0 is more clean than a normal industry. However, still, you are making industry zones.

However, be aware this policy in specific industry zone will remove all workspaces for uneducated workers. It means that you will need to find another place where your uneducated people can work. A good solution can be specialization in heavy industry like farming/forestry/ mining or oil where the uneducated can eventually work.

One of the possible ways of implementing such changes can be creating some small separated industry districts which will transform themselves after some time. So you’re going to change your industry piece by piece. The advantage will be that no big “shock” will happen and the transition will not upset the economy of your city.

However, Industry 4.0. isn’t just about education and educated people. Every building which is inside Industry 4.0 policy will increase production output by 50%. This will lead to more traffic. So before you upgrade your industry zones, you must optimize your traffic flow to these districts. If you have problems with traffic before changing policy, the problems with it are going to be much and much bigger after changing it to Industry 4.0.

Simply put, if you need more goods to sell, then you must optimize traffic first. If you don’t have time to optimize and you need to boost goods in your city, then you should build a cargo terminal (train or boat) which will create a new supply route into the city. Either way, this traffic optimization is unavoidable.

I definitely do not recommend use this policy over your entire city. You must use it in industry district where you want this policy. If you will do this policy over your whole town, it will be applied to your specialized districts and it will lead to no places for work for uneducated workers.

Does Industry 4.0. work with specialized industry?

Yes, it works with specialized industry. You need to use this policy in districts which you made in your city. If you make this policy overall your city as a whole, then you won’t have workspaces for uneducated workers.


Optimize your traffic first on your industrial zone.

Boost your education level to maximum.

After that, you can use Industry 4.0 policy.

Production will increase by 50% but places for uneducated workers will be a necessity at the same time.

Because of that, build for them specialized industries like farming/forestry/mining or oil.

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