How to increase land value in Cities Skylines?

If you want to level up your buildings, you need to think about the value of your land. Land value is correlated with entertainment and the overall happiness of your citizens. It is important to understand how it works. In today’s article, I will show you some ways to increase the land value of your buildings.


The first step to increase land value is great city planning. You must have a great city with services like schools, police stations, hospitals, fireman stations and other available services. If you fail in some parts of your infrastructure, your land value will decrease…

Infrastructure such as the public library helps to increase infrastructure

… so you must focus on having all services you can have. You cannot see icons with problems above your zones. Therefore, focus on the needs of your citizens.

Infrastructure problems

The second thing you can focus on after infrastructure is policies. High Tech Housing and Parks and Recreation lead to the increased land value of your districts.

Also, you can use policies to increase happiness. More happiness => more land value. From basic services, you can use Book Fair, Dolphin-Safe Fishing, Sustainable Fishing and Workers Union.

It is also important to know where to build neighborhoods. Beautiful places by the water (beach, river, lake) have a slightly higher value bonus than others. Land value should be a bit higher with them.

Parks and Unique buildings

Another way you can increase land value is building parks. I usually use parks with larger width. Thanks to that, I can fit more parks inside my residential zones.

Building parks

Another thing I can do to raise land value is to focus on unique buildings. However, be careful with them, because they provide happiness on the one side and noise on the other. If you want to build them, you must check whether the unique buildings will help your city or not.

Unique buildings

Parks are probably the fastest way how to optimize land value. If you choose not to build them, then that’s a major shortcoming you may be missing. And in case you decide for them, you have a big win.

Noise pollution

One of the biggest problems that decrease your land value is pollution, especially noise pollution. As in any city, it is necessary to have good traffic flow. In this case, you must know about sources of noise pollution like train stations. These generate a lot of noise pollution…

Detail of noise pollution

… and if you know the sources of noise pollution, you are almost there because we are now returning to our proven method. All you need to do is to reduce these sources of noise with parks or trees. Another good way can be building or upgrade roads with trees.

Other types of pollution are also important, but I think they can be easily detected and solved, just like air or soil pollution. These are concentrated in industrial zones. So as long as you don’t mix industrial zones with residential zones, everything will be fine.

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