How to increase land value in Cities Skylines?

Land value is important stats on which you must looks when you want level of your buildings. In today article I will show you some ways how to increase land value of your buildings. Land value is correlated by entertainment and overall happiness of your citizens.


First step to increase land value is have great city planning. You must have build great city with services. You need to have schools, police stations, hospitals, fireman stations and other services which are available. If you will fail in some of infrastructure then your land value will decrease…

Infrastructure like public library helps increase infrastructure

… so you must focus that you have all specializations of services done. You can’t see icons with problems above your zones. So focus on your citizens needs.

Problems of infrastructure.

Second thing which you could follow after infrastructure are polices. There are High Tech Housing and Parks and Recreation which lead to increase land value of districts.

Also you could use policies to increase happiness. Because more happiness => more land value. From basic services for you could help Book Fair, Dolphin-Safe Fishing, Sustainable Fishing and Workers Union.

Leaving out neighborhoods and services also has a lot to do with where you build neighborhoods. Beautiful places on the map near water (beach, river, lake) have a slightly bigger bonus to value. So land value should be a bit higher there.

Parks and Unique buildings

After good infrastructure there is one way which use everyone to increase land value which is building parks. I’m using parks in every resident zones which I’m building with more space in width so I could fit more bigger parks inside resident zones.

Building parks

Second things which could increase land value are unique buildings which provide happiness or other. But they also provide noise. So when you want to build you must check if this unique building helps your town or not.

Unique buildings

Parks are fastest way how to optimize land value. If you don’t build them then it’s a major shortcoming you may be missing. And in turn a big quick win if you use it correctly.

Noise pollution

One of biggest problems which decrease your land value is pollution, specially noise pollution could harm your land value. In general you need have good traffic flow. You must know about sources of noise pollution like train stations which will generate a lot of noise pollution…

… and when you know your sources of noises. Then you need to reduce this sources of noise with parks or trees. Another good way could be building roads with trees.

Other types of pollution are also important but I think that they are easy spotted and solved like air pollution or ground pollution. Their are centralized in industrial zones. So if you don’t mix industrial zones with resident zone then you will be okay.

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