What makes a vassal powerful in Crusader Kings 3?

In the complex world of Crusader Kings 3, the power dynamics between rulers and their vassals play a crucial role in determining the success or downfall of a kingdom.

Understanding what makes a vassal powerful, whether through influence, military might, or wealth, is essential for any ruler looking to maintain control and stability within their realm..

Definition of powerful vassal

Powerful vassal in Crusader Kings 3 is a vassal with significant military strength, tax income, and levies. They expect to be part of the liege’s council and have more influence in succession types, making them harder to control.

What mean significant influence?

Significant influence in powerful vassals means that they have the ability to sway decisions, influence policies, and potentially challenge your authority as the ruler. It is important to manage these vassals carefully, as their support or opposition can greatly impact the stability and success of your realm.

Powerful vassal are shown with “fist” near their name,

How many powerful vassal should you have

The number of powerful vassals you can have in Crusader Kings 3 depends on your title and rank. As a count, you can have up to 3 powerful vassals. As a duke, you can have up to 4 powerful vassals. And as a king or emperor, you can have up to 5 powerful vassals.

Where to find all your vassals

How to handle powerful vassals?

There are several ways to deal with a powerful vassal, including keeping them weak, increasing their opinion of you, prioritizing the strongest vassals, revoking titles, and as a last resort, imprisoning or murdering them.

To work with powerful vassals in a friendly way, you can consider strategies such as:

  • granting them land
  • appointing them to your council
  • hosting feasts and events
  • swaying or befriending them
  • adjusting crown authority if necessary

When dealing with powerful vassals in a hostile way, you can consider strategies such as:

  • imprisonment
  • revoking titles
  • assassination
  • crushing rebellions
  • using tyranny

However, it’s important to carefully consider the risks and potential negative consequences before taking any hostile actions. Always is better to deal with your powerful vassals in friendly way.

How to maximize earnings from your vassals?

To maximize earnings from powerful vassals in Crusader Kings 3, you can focus on the following strategies:

1) Grant them high-income territories: Assign powerful vassals to counties or duchies that generate a significant amount of tax income. Upgrade economic buildings in these territories to further boost income.

2) Increase their tax contributions: Utilize perks and technologies that increase vassal tax contributions. For example, the “Heregeld” perk boosts vassal tax contributions, while the “Golden Obligations” perk allows you to blackmail vassals for gold.

3) Improve their opinion of you: Maintain a positive relationship with powerful vassals by using the sway scheme, granting them honorary titles, or arranging marriages with their family members. A higher opinion will result in increased tax contributions.

4) Modify vassal contracts: Adjust the terms of vassal contracts to increase tax income. You can demand higher taxes or modify the contract to include additional obligations that benefit you financially.

5) Invest in their territories: Help your powerful vassals develop their territories by building improvements and increasing development. This will not only increase their income but also indirectly benefit you through higher tax contributions.

6) Use the “Avaricious” stewardship perk: This perk allows you to demand payment for hooks and increases ransom costs. It can be an effective way to extract additional gold from powerful vassals.

Remember, maintaining a balance between maximizing earnings and keeping powerful vassals content is crucial. Be cautious not to push them too far, as it may lead to negative consequences such as joining factions or plotting against you.

Is better to optimize my land or land of my vassals?

The decision to optimize powerful vassal’s land or your own land in Crusader Kings 3 depends on your specific goals and playstyle. Optimizing powerful vassal’s land can make them stronger and more loyal, while optimizing your own land provides you with direct control and resources.

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