How to play without vassals in Crusader Kings 3

Unfortunately the question isn’t how but if it’s possible. Playing without vassals is not a viable option as vassals are an integral part of the game mechanics and the feudal system. Vassals provide you with taxes, levies, and support, and they help you manage and expand your realm.

Without vassals, you would have to directly control every county and manage all aspects of governance yourself, which would be overwhelming and impractical. Additionally, the game is designed to simulate the complexities of feudal society, and playing without vassals would not provide an authentic experience.

How to play without vassals?

There isn’t any way how you should play without vassals. Vassals are core feature so you must learn how to play with them. There are two way how to play without them.

First is trying to minimize number of vassals which you have and second tip how you should play without them is about extend vassals options with mods. Also there was in 2020 exploit which allows you play without them. We will look on all possible way how to play “without them” bellow.

How to play almost without vassals in right way?

1) Focus on a small realm: Instead of trying to conquer vast territories, start with a small realm and keep it manageable. This way, you can directly control all the holdings and avoid the need for vassals.

2) Use mercenaries and allies: Without vassals to provide levies, you will need alternative sources of military power. Hiring mercenaries and forming alliances with other rulers can help you maintain a strong army.

3) Develop your own holdings: Invest heavily in developing your personal domain. Upgrade your castles, build new buildings, and increase the prosperity of your own lands to maximize your income and military strength.

4) Form alliances with powerful neighbors: Forge strong alliances with neighboring rulers who have large armies. This can provide you with additional military support when needed.

5) Focus on diplomacy and intrigue: Use your diplomatic skills to form non-aggression pacts, secure marriages, and negotiate favorable agreements with other rulers. Additionally, employ intrigue to manipulate and weaken your enemies.

6) Adapt your playstyle: Playing without vassals requires a different approach. You will need to be more cautious, strategic, and hands-on in managing your realm. Pay close attention to your relationships with other rulers and be prepared to defend your lands.

How to play with vassals so it doesn’t hurt so much?

More Interactive Vassals

Steam Link Here – The “More Interactive Vassals” mod for Crusader Kings 3 enhances the gameplay experience by introducing a customizable system where vassals actively pick sides during civil wars, influenced by intricate factors like personality and relationships.

More settings to play without vassals

Vassals can also join their liege’s external conflicts based on strategic factors, and new alliance dynamics make alliances with vassals more meaningful. Additionally, a Crown Loyalist Faction allows loyal vassals to band together against internal threats. The mod also overhauls the AI, making them more aggressive and strategic, and introduces a host of other gameplay tweaks, including new GUI elements, opinion modifiers, and game rules.

Vassals Don’t Demand Council Positions

Steam Link Here – Vassals who want to go to the “court” but are realistically stupid and you don’t want them there. Hell, right? Either you can deal with them the classic way (death, bribe, jail… you know the tricks). Or you can try this mod, which should solve the problem so you can always have the best court possible without having to use your vassals.

Alternative mod which does the same could be Reduced negative opinion from Powerful Vassals which also affects how Vassals acts – here is link to Steam. But this mod isn’t solution it just change modifier from -40 to -20. So If you have bad relations then this vassals could be still problem for you.

Warden Vassal Contract

Steam Link Here – “Wardens” mod introduces Warden Contracts, allowing vassals to enjoy privileges during peacetime but obligating them to defend the realm during threats. While they offer 50% less tax and levies during peace, they provide their full military might during wars.

They primarily engage in defensive wars, but a game rule adjustment can permit their involvement in offensive wars too. Lieges granting these contracts face opinion penalties from other vassals, while the Wardens earn respect for their defensive role.

This mod boasts wide compatibility, notably with Elder Kings 2, CK3 A Game of Thrones, LotR: Realms in Exile, and several others, ensuring seamless integration with major expansions and total conversion mods.

Exploit to play without vassals

In september 2020 there was exploit in which you should play without vassals. You should look on this video from the famous The Spiffing Brit which has insane HRE without vassals.

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