What mean “late game”?

The late game is the phase in gaming when players have enough sources and now is your game becoming more competitive with others. Now you must play 110% and be better than others if you want to win.

Phases in (online) gaming

Let’s show how “phases” works. Since I played games I’ve discovered 4 phases which are in every game or which are in-game and they repeat themselves. When you play a game that is designed for 60 days there are these phases:

  • 0 – 10 days are starting – starting, every going slow, everyone has time to look-up
  • 11 – 25 days are farming – you need to grind and earn and boost up your economy
  • 26 – 50 days are late game – there are first fights and competitive elements
  • 51+ endgame – last days of a game you probably know who will win but if someone will try hard it?

Yes, this was just an example from one of my favorite online game. When you play a game OpenTTD which is designed for 6 or 8 hours. There are the same phases for example game phases on OpenTTD:

  • 0 – 60 minutes are for the start – you need to build the first railroads to create elementary money.
  • 61 – 240 minutes are for farming – you have enough money and time to build a complex path.
  • 241 – 500 minutes are for the late game – you have a lot of money you must focus on a goal.
  • 501+ minutes are for the endgame – the first player is slowing there is your time to win!

If you have enough time and you know how your favorite game works you will have in every round more speed and you will be in the farming phase earlier and you make more and more money.

What is a late game in OpenTTD?

A late game in OpenTTD is for me when you have enough revenue from your company activities that you get more than you want to spend at the moment. You could have it in 1980 or you could have it later in 2010 it depends on what tactic you play.

Be aware when you play there are some terms when you could rebuild your infrastructure. You need to upgrade your trains (to the newest) or you want to upgrade from stream to diesel and electric trains.

If you are searching for some challenge let’s open
>> What is the goal of OpenTTD?

What is a late game in HoI 4?

The late game in Hearts of Iron 4 came for me when I defeat major alliances like Allies (Britain / France) or Communism (Soviet Union / China) or Axe (Germany / Japan) and when I don’t have enough manpower so I need boost up mine expansion. When I win with first aliance I will set my goal to conquer all!

What is a late game in Cities Skyline?

In city buildings games is a late game for my state when you have enough money to do all that you want. Now you could slow down with your city and you can do beautification work, optimize how things work, or rebuild entire neighborhoods and it shouldn’t put you at risk at all.

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