10 biggest cities in Cities Skylines

In today’s article, you can look forward to the 10 biggest cities in Cities Skylines. We ordered them from smallest (100 000+ people) to biggest (1 000 000+ people). And all of them are documented via YouTube, so grab popcorn and enjoy the view!

100k – Dream City Timelapse without mods

This city has a population of 100,000 and was built in 2021. The author of this city is imperatur which is one of most viewed YouTube creator which make videos about Cites Skylines. On background you should listen great music.

140k – Splits Tributaries 4x

Another of the larger cities is Splitz Tributary from Load2Map. This city has a population of around 140,000 and it was built in 2022.

250k – Population Timelapse

The next city is a city from Total Timewaster. This city can enjoy a population of 250,000 and it is one of the older cities. It was created in 2016!

340k – Is this the BIGGEST CITY Ever Built?

The bar is rising and next, we have a city with around 340,000 inhabitants. This city is one of the newest (2023) and its author is Cities By Diana.

520k – Meandering River 4x

With over half a million people, this city is truly unique. Load2Map really did his job here. Once again, it is one of the newer cities (2022).

600k City Cities: Skylines

Joe player has enriched us with a city of 600,000 inhabitants around 8 years ago. A truly beautiful city indeed! Its quite be punk but you must see that!

850k – Windfield | No MODs 25Tiles

Winfield with 850,000 inhabitants can really boast. Its author is, once again, Load2Map and it is from 2021. Look how to unlock more map tiles and use all of them in Cities Skylines.

1 Million – Population Mega City

This mega city is home to 1 million people! Its author is Rokubi94 and it was built 5 years ago.

1 Million – Timelapse | City of Bedrock on Hard Mode

City of Bedrock is built by perafilozof and it is one of the cities with 1 million inhabitants. Its timelapse was published 3 years ago.

1 Million – Timelapse

One of the most known cities with 1 million inhabitants is the one from Phrawzt Gaming. This city is truly magnificent and it was created 5 years ago!

Do you know bigger city in Cities Skylines than 1 million people?

Do you know of a bigger city that the ones we’ve listed here? Feel free to contact us at the email address [email protected]. We’d be happy to mention that city!

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