Precision Engineering mod for Cities Skylines – where to download and how does it work?

Precision Engineering is a big thing in Cities Skylines. This mod, which can be easily downloaded on Steam, expands Cities Skylines by guidelines, additional information when building roads, train lines, pipes, and power lines, and also adds angle and distance measurements.

In short, it is one of the greatest helpers when building your city and working with it is not complicated at all. For a better understanding, I have prepared today’s article.

Main features of Precision Engineering

  • While holding CTRL, the snap angles are displayed.
  • With holding SHIFT, the additional information is displayed.
  • With holding ALT, snapping to guidelines is enabled.
  • It displays the height of the road you are placing relative to the ground level.
  • It displays height difference between the start and the ending point of a road (when placing, hold SHIFT)
  • It tells you the units instead of meters (and that is practical because of the blocks)

In general, it is simple, colourful and even fun. Your cities could be detailed, you’ll struggle less with the “basic” grid system.

The mod is very popular, it has been one of the top 3 most downloaded for a long time and has around 20,000 reviews. Precision Engineering is quite similar to so-called traffic mods which we pick in separated article.

Where to download Precision Engineering mod?

Best way to download Precision Engineering mod is to use Steam Workshop.

If you open Most downloaded mod All time then Precision Engineering will be one of first there.

To download this you should open this page which will lead to workshop.

Precision Engineering page

Alternatively you should follow this steps…

  1. Open Cities Skylines in your Library
  2. Click to open Steam Workshop
  3. Filter in right menu only mods
  4. Select Over Period All time
  5. Sort by Most Popular

… and precision engineering will be one of first mods to download. Also I don’t recommend downloading this mod on other sites which aren’t Steam Workshop because this scripts will be run in game. I know, maybe I’m a little paranoid, but I’d rather download it directly from the source.

Guides for the use of Precision Engineering?

As illustrative examples of working with Precision Engineering, I chose some practical YouTube videos:

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