Power outages in Cities Skylines and how to solve them?

One of the common game which some players has are the power outages, so-called blackouts. You can have plenty of electricity and a well-connected network, but they keep popping up. The question of why is more than relevant.

What causes a power outage?

First of all you need check that you have connected all power lines in your city because if you doesn’t have connected all of your grids then some parts of your city could not have power.

Not connected grids makes problems

In case you have everything well connected, it can be hard to understand the source of the problem. If anything like a blackout happens to you, you should focus on your electricity meter. It shows your energy production and can be found by clicking on the small lightning bolt icon in the top left corner.

Power meter in Cities Skylines

The source of the problem is always in your power plant if you have all grids connected. When it is pushed to capacity, your population may suffer from blackouts. Some forums report that it may be a bug related to power plants. Do not forget about your turbines and their location. If you place them too close to the ocean, the water will rise and flood the turbine. This can cause outages as well.

Power outages can be also caused by traffic gridlock which prevents fuel from getting to your power plants. This means that they do not have power to work. Usually this problems occur in Oil or Coal power plant.

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How to solve power outages?

To solve a blackout, you should keep your electricity meter between green and yellow at the very least. When it touches red, power outages begin to occur. If you doesn’t have money to build another power plant which will production new power in your city then you should increase budget for power plant.

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