All ways to cheat in Project Hospital

If you looking for Project Hospital cheats you’re right here. In mine article we will look how you could get unlimited money and how change game folders and have better game experience. But before we start as usual in our cheat articles I must remind you that once you start cheating, the game could lose its challenge in your eyes.

“in-game cheats”

There aren’t much cheats which are builded in-game. You could select “free building” when you start game in sandbox mode and in this case you will start with 100 000$ at start. But when you build departments or something then you won’t have problem with cash.

Project Hospital settings

This is similar like “unlimited money cheat” but you must balance your staff. Because they will need money. So is good to run game slowly to get positive cashflow. If you need more cashflow I’ve write tips how make more money in Project Hospital.

Also there is cheat “unlock all departments” which allows you to build all departments from start. Basically you must expand slowly and other departments will be open as you treat more patients.

Cheats Engines

Way which you could use are cheats engines. This engines added new “layer” between game and you and allows you use cheats which aren’t implemented. But in mine opinion this is “risky way” how to cheat. Because you must install another software to your computer which must work with game…

… so it must have advanced features like tracking keyboard so I don’t trust these cheats. But if you have experience with it and you tested it and it’s ok for you then you could use WeMod which have cheats like:

  • No Hunger
  • Unlimited Rest
  • Add 100K Money
  • Empty Bladder
  • Max Staff Skills

Which should help your workers, patients and could boost your money.

Editing files of game or savegames

The last way which you should use is editing files of game. I’ve like developers which make their game editable and developers from Oxymoron Games do they jobs well. You should open folder…

\steamapps\common\Project Hospital\ProjectHospital_Data\StreamingAssets\Database

…and there you could find XML files to edit. But be aware to editing these files. Is good to save old version of these files in case you need backup. Also you must have little imagination and courage to edit these files because some variables aren’t described so simply.


TWEAKABLE_EMPLOYEE_LIMIT – changes maximum employees.

TWEAKABLE_MAX_FLOORS – changes maximum floors which you should build (max 8)

TWEAKABLE_COLLAPSE_REPEAT_MIN_HOURS – changes minimum collapse rate

TWEAKABLE_COLLAPSE_REPEAT_MAX_HOURS – changes maximum collapse rate

SKILL_IMPROVEMENT_RATE_PERCENT – changes how fast your staff increase skills

LEVELING_RATE_PERCENT – change how fast your staff gets new levels


In this file you could find <PatientsPerDay>10</PatientsPerDay> to change patient flow.


This define how will work schedule in your hospital


This file define how will work departments rules.

Big thangs for investigation and information to Zirkumflex which describe a lot of these thing in his guide on SteamWorkshop.

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