How to increase population Cities Skylines?

Increasing population in Cities Skylines is easy and today I will show you everything what you will need to know to increase population in your city. When your city increase then you could reach more milestones but don’t forget that sometimes it’s good to stop expanding and just watch your city live.

Fix problems of your citizen first

First what you must do to increase population is avoiding problems. If you could see some problems icons above your buildings you must focus on solving these problems. When you see some of icon and if you don’t know what to do you must click on building and watch whats is problematic…

Problems with cemetery

… there are two types of colors. First is “yellow” this isn’t too critical problem but if you don’t solve it then this icons be “red” which signalize problems for you and if you don’t solve this problems then building will be abandoned.

Focus on your needs columns

When you fix your problems then you must focus on your three bars. This bars or columns shows you which building you need to build. To increase your population you need have bigger green column. This column show how will be zones builded…

What your city needs

… if you build new district and you don’t have demand in green bar then new buildings won’t be builded. So you must focus to reduce other columns and thus create more demand for residential neighborhoods. If you have more manufacturing/shops then those will need sales and workers.

Don’t overbuild residential zones

If you have demand for residential zones then you could build new zones. But be avare when you building. You can’t build a whole new city all at once. When you build, build in smaller neighborhoods/streets. Let the city gradually become more populated. Nothing is worse when you have a few “islands” where people live and then lots of empty roads.

Also remember that when you demolish some zones (residential) people usually move away. This is important to know and work with. If you were to embark on a major redevelopment, you would have to take it one step at a time.

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