Founding new town guide for OpenTTD

Are you playing on small map without towns or you don’t have town in part of you map and you need to deliver people here. There is advanced option which you should use. And today I will show you how to fund town in OpenTTD.

Modify advanced settings

First of all you need to modify advanced setting where you need to allow funding towns.

There is where you must click to find founding town option.

Settings > Advanced settings > search “found”

There you must setup “Allowed” or “Allowed, custom town layout”.

Advanced settings for founding towns

What to do before founding town?

Before you start founding new town you need to focus on your cashflow. Founding town cost around 11,000,000 between 20,000,000 in £ when I played with starting amount 100,000£. So it’s around 100x – 200x your starting founds. And after that you have town with around 1 000 people.

Tips and tricks: how to get money in OpenTTD?

But this isn’t just about having a lot of money. You need strong income. Is good that you have around 2,000,000 £ monthly income but this will be risky. The most safe will be if you have a monthly income of 1.5 times the price of the city. Then you won’t miss these money and you still have a lot of money to building roads and expanding your new town.

Tip how to grow your town in OpenTTD?

Open town generation

After you changed settings and you have enough money you could open town generation screen. This screen is under “town icon” on which you must click with right click and after that you could select “found town” selection. After that you will see this window where you could settings of your new town.

How look funding new town

For me I’m using medium town size and better roads for new town. To generate it you must click “new town” and after that you must click on map. And if you have money you will have new town in map which will be random. After that you could start expansion of this town.

Voalá and we have new town
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