Beecarbonize all informations about game

Small tinny strategy game which you should play on Android / iOS and on your PC too about climate change in which you need to save planet on which we live. I’ve played this game for 3 hours and there are informations why you want to try this game.

How look Beecarbonize in middle stage of play

Why to try Beecarbonize?

  1. Game is fast and you should play this game in 10 minutes in public transport on your mobile phone.
  2. Game is complex because every decision has an impact several rounds later.
  3. Game mechanics are easy to learn – you must balance them – learning curve is fast.
  4. Game has 6 possible endings so you should play multiple times with different strategy.
  5. Game has leaderboard and best players wins in around 50 rounds – so there is challange.

What I like on this game?

I like that this game have easy game mechanics in which you balance four “main numbers” which are emissions and three coins for which you purchase cards. Also there is important “speed” factor of each sector.

So you build your industry sector which produce money but a lot of emissions. So you should play with non hard emissions industry (clean energy) but you won’t have enough money or you must wait some rounds to get enough coins. On other side you could have hard emissions industry (like mining) but you need to deal with emissions and events.

Late game structure of all sectors

To balance emissions you need to upgrade your ecosystems sector which could remove emissions if is strong. Also you could have some changes in “people” sector to remove emissions by people changes. As I mention above you need to balance all sector which are in game.

Education side of this game

Beecarbonize is from Charles Games studios which are from Czech Republic (hello there!) who have done historical games about the Czech past. My understanding is that they originated in a university setting and there is some effort to teach us something.

So if you have enough time and are interested in the topic of climate change, you can open up the encyclopedia and look at the details of all cards / technology / changes.

Encyclopedia details

Now I don’t want to take any position on climate change, let everyone decide for themselves. But I certainly like these efforts. It’s light, it’s brisk, I can imagine it being used in schools to teach about climate or our impact on climate.

6 posible endings

Six endings

How to win Beecarbonize?

To win Beecarbonize you need to upgrade one of “star” cards. This cards have levels which you need to upgrade. I think it’s 2 to 4 levels (depending on the card). So is important to focus just one topic.

Mine first win was quite slow (I think that was on 120 – 150 rounds) in which I have strong industry sector which get me a lot of money (and lot emissions) and after that I focus on minimizing emissions with population and society sectors. So I had emissions on zero with strong industry which was dream and after that I’ve focus on one of society endings.

What is price of Beecarbonize?

Beecarbonize is free so you should download it on Steam or on AppStore / Google Play Store to your device and try to play. To the feature I don’t expect that this game will be extended but some new cards could be great change for us.

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