Windy Fjords map in Cities Skylines 2

This is map previews series for Cities Skylines 2 and now we look on map called Windy Fjords which has buildable 21 % area so building here will be will be very difficult as it is a relatively small percentage of buildability. There are larger maps. Let’s look on details, screens and stats of this map.

Windy Fjords screens from developer diary

As a map inspired by breathtaking fjord coast formation, this map has several long and narrow inlets surrounded by steep cliffs. Each inlet ends in a small bay area and starts from one sea edge of the map following a similar pattern.

Windy Fjords thumbnail from developer diary

Nestled between the mountains is quite a large buildable area with the possibility of accessing the top of the fjords via narrow slopes.

Map stats

Map name: Windy Fjords
Buildable area 21%
Base theme: North America
Latitude: Southern Hemisphere
Climate Rainy / Sunny from -6°C to 18°C

Outside connections

Connection Availability
Road Yes
Train Yes
Boat Yes
Plane Yes
Power Yes

Natural resources

Natural resource Availability
Fertile land 8 km²
Trees 334000 t
Minerals 12200 t
Oil 5169 t


More informations, screens, videos and tips how to start will be updated in future.

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