San Francisco map in Cities Skylines 2

This is map previews series for Cities Skylines 2 and now we look on PREMIUM MAP called San Francisco which has buildable 42 % area so building here will be will be fine, as this is a common percentage of buildability from CS2 maps. And will be available with San Francisco Set. Let’s look on details, screens and stats of this map.

How should I get San Francisco in Cities Skylines 2?

This map is part of San Francisco Set which brings this map, 5 different Muscle cars and special police car. Also in this set will be iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

More informations about San Francisco

The iconic peninsula characterized by steep hills and sweeping views of the bay. The map is surrounded by water, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the San Francisco Bay to the east.

San Francisco thumbnail from developer diary

The Golden Gate Bridge spans the strait, connecting San Francisco to Marin County.

Map stats

Map name: San Francisco
Buildable area 42%
Base theme: North America
Latitude: Northern Hemisphere
Climate Rainy from 5°C to 28°C

Outside connections

Connection Availability
Road Yes
Train Yes
Boat Yes
Plane Yes
Power Yes

Natural resources

Natural resource Availability
Fertile land 8.1 km²
Trees 61800 t
Minerals 15800 t
Oil 9783 t


More informations, screens, videos and tips how to start will be updated in future.

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