Changing government in Victoria 3

One of latest article which was about discrimination in Victoria 3 I find that I need change laws to solve this problems. But when I focused on this law I see that I can’t change law because I don’t have supportive party in government. So it’s question how to change government in peaceful way? I’ve hope that this article helps you.

It isn’t too easy – you can’t change government and add any party into it. Because in Victoria 3 is “legitimacy”. In my case I need to add “intelligentsia” to ruling party because I want pass law which solve discrimination. But if I do this…

Reforming party in bad way

… then you could see that I will have problems with legitimacy because will be 0 after changes. This mean that current ruling party isn’t compatible with party which I want. If you have patience you could see details of legitimacy. Where you can see what laws these parties will not agree on. So in case you want to completely turn your country in a different direction it will be more complicated than it looks.

Problematic laws

So how to change government to pass laws if there are parties just incompatible? You need to look at the laws where your target party overlaps with the party in power today or another party that could potentially be friendly with the party in power today…

… and you should gradually try to change the laws in your country to make it a better place to live. First you change the laws so that your desired party has some chance of governing. And then you change the laws to achieve the goal.

This slow change takes time but you will build strong country on solid foundations. So in my case which you could see bellow. I’ve started with changing from autocracy to landed voting which will support intelligentsia.

You could also bolster party. Which add more attractions from your pops to this interest groups. This could helps you because there will be more pressure in society to change the government. Eventually it may be that this party wins the election and you just have to change it and you’re done for.

Bolstering interest group
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