Discrimination in Victoria 3

In one of mine plays I see that I have bigger problems with standards of living. Lot of problems came from bad level but after some time when I increased standards of living I see that radicals still grows. But this grows came from discrimination.

In mine latest game as Bohemia I could see something like this…

If you hover radicals number you could see from which they comes.
In my case you could see thats from “discrimination”

… you could see that I have 510k (510 000) radicals in country which has 6M (6 000 000) population. So around 9% people are radicals. And a lot of came from discrimination. So let’s try to solve this problems.

Where to find which pops are discriminated?

First step to solve discrimination in Victoria 3 is find which pops are discriminated. From image bellow I could see that there is large group of poops which is discriminated (because number is higher).

Radicals overview in Victoria 3

So first step will be open population tab and find “culture” groups. From history classes we know that some countries discriminated other types of cultures. So this could be good place where to find groups of pops which is discriminated.

Where to find culture groups

You must check every culture. So in my case I know that by history in Bohemia was group os German which was discriminated. So, with my knowledge of history, I practically went in with a clean slate. But in your case, you have to look at individual groups and try to find the most discriminated against.

You could see that South German in Bohemia was discriminated

How to solve discrimination in Victora 3?

And if you goes to detail you could see why is this group discriminated. In mine case you could see that South Germans have problems with law “National Supremacy” so If I want to solve this I’m must try to change this law…

… in different countries could be here different types of discrimination. There could be different laws which should discriminate cultural groups. So now you know where are problems and you know how to solve this problems.

Where to find detail of discrimination.
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