Cities In Motion 3 – potentially another Colossal Order game?

June 2023 marks the 14th anniversary of Colossal Order, the studio known for developing Cities In Motion (& II) and as well as for Cities Skylines, which is now working on Cities Skylines 2.

The question is what game will be next – some fans have asked whether or not Cities In Motion 3 could be next. Let’s take a look at Cities In Motion 3 and what the game’s chances are for a sequel.

Are there any chances for Cities In Motion 3?

For now, there are no chances for developing the Cities In Motion 3.

The main reason for this is that the Colossal Order developers are now working primarily on Cities Skylines 2, as I mentioned above, which will be released in about a month from now. The fact that they are not working on CIM3 was also confirmed by the developers on the official Colossal Order Twitter.

The question is whether we should get a new CIM3 in the future. For me, there is potential in this genre in my eyes. But I’m a hardcore gamer. We could still go more in depth and make more and more gameplay elements like more sophisticated simulation, events, working waves and more complex / real cities. I’d have expect something more buildable. Anyway, I expect C:S 2 to run for another 5 years before they start working on something else.

What is Cities In Motion about?

Cities Motion was the first game Colossal Order worked on since the studio was founded in 2009. This game was released in 2011 and its main goal was to order public transport in 4 European cities. You have a lot of possibilities for how to play.

Two years later in 2013, Cities In Motion 2 was released. It looks more detailed and newer. But for me the first version was better. Personally, I played Cities In Motion a lot and the first game by Colossal Order was a big love for me. The second Cities in Motion completely passed me by because I played a lot of SimCity 5 when CIM2 came out.

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