Compatibility of Cities Skylines 2 and 1

With Cities Skylines 2 coming in the next few months and Cities Skylines 1 still having a large fan base, there are a lot of questions about the compatibility of the two versions. I found all about their compatibility and decided to share them with you in today’s article.

Before we begin, I should say that a lot of questions that players have asked on the developers’ Twitter have been commented on as “more information will be released in the upcoming months”. The Colossal Order is only clear about a few things.

I will update this article in time. So if you need to know everything about Cities Skylines 2 from me, leave your mail in the section below and I will send you a notification when I know more.

Could I convert my city from Cities Skylines 1 to CS 2?

No, you couldn’t. Cities Skylines 2 is a brand new game created from scratch and does not use codes from previous versions. So it could have similar / same game features, but the “backend” side works differently. Because of that, they can’t be convertible.

Is is also questionable how many features from the current version of Cities Skylines 1 will be in the base version of Cities Skylines 2. If the same game features are not there in general, then we won’t be able to convert files regardless of whether the technical possibility or not.

Will CS 2 work on the same platforms as CS 1?

No, there are changes. The main supported platforms will be Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Other platforms are unconfirmed – more about platforms for Cities Skylines 2 under the following link. Personally, I miss GeForce Now, but maybe they will announce it in the future.

Will CS 2 include all the content (DLCs) from CS 1?

Unknown, maybe no. They don’t disclose details, but they do say that the content we have now has been 8 years in the making since Cities Skylines began. Which could mean that not everything we know from today’s full version of the game will actually be there.

Now let’s see what the people who are a bit of outraged are saying about it. On the one hand, I understand that the game is 8 years old, but on the other hand, I understand the outraged users who left $200 for a whole series of Cities Skylines. I’m just sad that there will have to be some sort of balance to that we as a community don’t have to buy the same thing for the next 8 years as we do now.

But this response below. Please don’t let this go wrong. 🤐

Will there be Chirper in CS 2?

Yes, Chirper will be in CS2.

Questions about the differences in Steam Workshop

Could the assets from today’s workshop be transferred to CS 2?

No, they cannot be converted. As I said above, the two games are different, so they cannot be automatically converted. However, the developers have stated that the content needs to be remade or adapted for the new Cities Skylines 2.

Source: Twitter of Colossal Order

Will the workshop assets from CS 1 and CS 2 work similarly?

Not confirmed, further information will be clarified in the future. However, if you want to create assets for Cities Skylines 2, it is recommend you learn 3D modelling skills and understand how Blender works.

Will CS 2 use the same game engine as CS 1?

Yes, they will be in the Unity Engine. So we should except that workshop mods and assets will work the same and there won’t be any big changes. But this implementation is just my speculation.

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