Hearts of Iron IV – Arms Against Tyranny

After the By Blood Alone DLC for HOI4, which was released in September 2022, we will see a new DLC for HOI4. This DLC will focus on the nations of Northern Europe. We will get new four focus trees and also new game mechanics.

Let’s start with the announcement trailer

Main features that will appear in the game

Four new focus trees

We will get 4 new focus trees for the Northern European countries 🇫🇮 Finland, 🇸🇪 Sweden, 🇳🇴 Norway and 🇩🇰 Denmark. The authors state that there will be multiple ways to play these countries, you should play diplomatically or you could play aggressively. Also there will be a path that will be on alternate history.

Focus trees also signify detailed events in these countries that we should expect 🇫🇮 The Winter War. In the case of 🇸🇪 Sweden, there will be a big challenge to play as a democratic neutral country. If you play for 🇳🇴 Norway, then the same question will be on the table as for Sweden, whether you will be neutral or a puppet of communists or fascists. And the last no less big challenge is little 🇩🇰 Denmark, which won’t be prepared for a war with neighboring Germany once it is fighting with almost everybody.

New international market

The second main thing that will appear with this DLC in HOI4 is international market, which will only work for army, for weapons, troops, tanks and aircraft. I’m a bit disappointed that it won’t be linked to the current market, as one of their previous developer diaries showed.

Other countries could buy military from other nations and pay for it with civilian (orange) factories. This should be a great way for strategy in which you will target civilian factories. It would also be great if you focus on military (green) industries and if you set up well, you will be able to sell units and build your infrastructure faster. Super new diplomatic parh.

New military settings and parameters

The latest information that has now been released is that Paradox will change the parameters of the units. I expect it will play a much bigger role in what units you produce – how you set them up and overall I expect it to be more important. The developers also mentioned special forces, so we should expect some changes there as well.

Arms Against Tyrany release date

Release date has not been yet announced.

Personally, I expect a release date in late September or October or early November 2023 if Paradox has the same plans for this DLC as By Blood Alone, which was also announced on June 7.

Expected price of new DLC

If you want to buy or pre-order Arms Against Tyrany DLC, then you must wait.

Personally, I was expecting the price of this DLC to be around 20€ or $20 depending on your main currency. Also there is an alternative to play HOI4 with all DLC with a subscription in which HOI4 is much cheaper than the full game. You should now add the game to your wishlist on Steam!

Will the Arms Agains Tyrany be a must-have?

If you like to play for Northern European countries or are a hardcore HOI 4 player, then Arms Against Tyrany will be a must-have DLC for you. If you are only a causal HOI4 player, then it depends on your preferences. Take another look at the above features – it will definitely help you.

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