Civilwar cheat guide HOI4

If you need to change the government of a country, you can start a civil war by changing the support of ideologies. Changing the government ideology can be supported by spyes or it can be resolved by civilwar cheat.

How does the civilwar cheat work?

Civilwar cheat is simple. It has two variables which allow you to set what is to be done. The first is [IDEOLOGY], which you can use to set which ideology will spark a civil war. The second variable is [COUNTRY], which you must select in which country the civil war should start.


The possible ideologies that can start a war are all available in the game. To perform this command, you just have to correct the spelling.

  • fascism
  • communism
  • democratic
  • neutrality

As I mentioned above, the second parameter is about the country you want to have the war with. This also means that you can perform these cheats on your AI opponents to give them trouble. It is certainly easier to attack a country that is in a civil war than a country that stands on its own.

Some ways to use this cheat are…

  • civilwar fascism ENG
  • civilwar democratic GER
  • civilwar democratic SOV
  • civilwar neutrality FRA

…however, it depends on how many alternative plays you want to have in your history.

Civilwar cheat in your own country

If you perform this cheat on your country like civilwar communism (without a specific country tag), then your country starts a civil war and you play like the old politicians. It also means that a new rebellion country will be against you.

So if you want to play as a new rebellion country, you must use tdebug cheat and hover on some province that owns the other part of the war. All you need to do is to find out what country tag the new country has and after, that you must tag the new country. As you can see in my case below, I used the tag DO8 to play for rebels.

Where to look for the temporary country tag?

How do you win a civil war with cheats?

If you want to win civil war with cheats, I have bad news for you. There is no cheat would provide such a thing. It is true that there was winwars in the past, however, this cheat does not work anymore. Don’t be sad, there are other cheats to help you.

To win a civil war, you have to tag the rebellion country and after that you can disband a whole army. Then, you just need to tag your country back and win the war with your troops.

Other option would be using the deleteallunits [country] cheat. If you use the country variable properly (as I showed above), then you can delete their units without playing like them and win the war with your troops.

Final tips

The best tips I can give you at the end of this article relate to the competitor you are about to annex. All I can recommend is to start a classical war with the whole country and then start a civil war. This will be definitely better than making deals with rebels.

However, use this cheat with caution. Something else I can also recommend is starting a civil war through diplomacy and intelligence agency. You will be more satisfied from the results for sure. Believe me, there’s nothing better than invading a neighboring state and having everyone surrender in advance thanks to spy support.

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