Observe mode in HOI4

Do you remember YouTube videos which show how the world will develop in HOI4 and do you think how YouTubers makes this videos? Today i will show you cheat to observe mode and tips how to use it.

Start observe mode

To start observe mode you must open console which you could do Shift+2, §, ~, \, `, ", ^ or ALT+2+1, or Shift+3 depends on your keyboard layout. And after that you could see command line in which you must write cheat observe.


Alternatively you could use “spectator” which works same like “observe”. After that you will be detach from your nation and full game will be operated by AI.

How to leave observe mode in HOI4?

If you run observe mode and you want to play as any country you could use cheat TAG which changes which nation you play from observer so specific country. This cheat have [countryname] variable…

tag [countryname]

… and to this variable you must fill one of country tags which will specify which country you want to play. Without this country tag won’t cheat tag work.

In observe mode you can see the telescopes above the map.

Tips to use observe mode in HOI4

Best way to observe mode could be prepare manual your country with some important decisions like focus tree or important construction or creation of special units/templates that the AI will then have the power to use.

On other way you could use other cheats to increase power of your country like add_equipment, manpower, research_on_icon_click or instantconstruction when you create stronger country than other and after that you could run observe mode to view what will country do without player.

The last tip is to chose good country to watch. You could select country like NEPAL between run observe mode. To minimize events which you get because So before observe you could perform tag NEP and after that you could run observe mode with minimum events.

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